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Any of you know where to buy some desktop speaker drivers?
thanks but do you know if they will fit the lifeproof cases though?
Hey guys,    I need a 3.5mm plug that would fit into a lifeproof Iphone case anyone got any suggestions? thanks.
do any of you know of plugs about the same size as the apple earbud size?
I have a secondhand sennheiser hd419 and they are getting kind of loose now. I want to know if anyone knows if and how I can increase the clamping force on the headband.
my hd419s w/ gold   Looked great at first but its starting to crack. Do any of you have a way to stop that from happening?
How much would I need to raise it?
I forgot to mention that I would like a larger screen than that. Something with a better GUI would be preferred.
So.....Here's the deal. My IPhone 4S which was used to store and play all of my music is sadly getting a bit congested. Now I'm looking to find a DAP to store just music.    Here's what I'm looking for: -<$20-25 -Good UI -Good SQ -Flac support -Very Sturdy Not in any particular order. Alright, that's what I got now, Fire Away!!
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