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When I bought the dragonfly it was between that and the microstreamer. Now that I am looking back at getting the microstreamer, does anyone have experience with that?
Thanks for the help guys. I can still return the dragonfly so we are all good.
I'm having issues. I have a nexus 5 and an AQ dragonfly 1.2. I downloaded the february Snapshot of cm11, but the dragonfly doesn't work. Does anyone have any experience? Do I need a custom kernel to fix the problem? I know it works with USB audio player but I want it to be able to play on all apps any help would be great. Thanks
I have been reading this site and others researching making my first set of custom cables. I have a pretty good idea of what to do, but have a couple of questions. So I have the shure se425 clear. Using the wiki page I saw that the mmcx connector uses the center pole for the signal and the shell for the Ground. When my last cable broke I disected out the mmcx and notice there are three poles and wire was soldered to all three poles. I then looked closely at the female...
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