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You can see the steps to leave feedback right here.  Make sure you save the URL "" for pasting in the appropriate field.
Is this the sale in question? -   If so, that's the URL you would use when leaving feedback.
@Keithpgdrb - I've unlocked the impressions thread for ChiUniFi 8, as the original planning thread didn't appear to be locked. Threads sometimes get closed when the event has passed, and there's no new activity for an extended period of time. 
Guys -- Let's stay on topic and stop the attacks. 
@Tuxan1 - You should be all set.
@Headlessphones - Give it a try now.
  Berlin, September 4, 2014 – Let your ears be loved: Sennheiser’s new URBANITE headphones are the new sound of urban style, bringing the bass for an intense club experience on the move. The audio specialist’s new mobile headphone range – including the on-ear URBANITE and over-ear URBANITE XL – delivers massive bass but with Sennheiser’s uncompromising audio expertise ensuring excellent clarity throughout the entire frequency range.   “Sennheiser URBANITE headphones...
@Flamess - You can change your avatar now.
I'm looking into this issue, but I've made a change to your profile which may correct the issue.  Please let me know if you can now post in the Equipment forums.
 I was just listening to the Mo-Fi for the past hour or so, and while it is on the heavier side of headphones I've been wearing lately (Sennheiser Amperior, Sennheiser MOMENTUM, V-MODA M-80, and Shure SRH940), I still had no issue while wearing it.  It has been sounding great while listening to Lourde, the Civil Wars, Pearl Jam, and Die Antwoord.
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