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Are you able to in the Introductions forum?
If you scroll to the bottom of any forum page, you can select the Mobile or Desktop version of the site.  Definitely give the mobile version of the site a try!
@destinyhero - The change isn't instant when you meet the requirements. The system periodically checks to see if new members have met the requirements and then grants them the new permissions.   That being said, you do have permissions to change your avatar, etc.
Hi @ryanNL!   The system checks periodically to see who has met the necessary requirements, and grants permissions at those checks.   You should be able to start new threads now.  Welcome to Head-Fi!
Hello ben446, As you post more, your PM limit per day does increase.  As to why you can't upload an avatar, it is explained at the top of the Feedback forum:  That being said, I've modified your profile to allow you to upload an avatar, etc. See you on the forums, and welcome to Head-Fi!
Give it a try now.
Thanks for reporting this.  I'll add it to the ticket.
Make sure that the computer(s) and ipad are all logged out, cleared and restarted before re-syncing.  Otherwise, those settings will just keep bouncing back in.  (At least, that was my experience.)
Give it a try now!
Yeah, that sounds like you have something else going on entirely, @ProtegeManiac.  Let me ask you this:  Are you using Google Sync?   I've had some issues in the past were settings I made in Chrome kept being reset and deleted bookmarks kept re-appearing.  I corrected the issue by going into each of my sync'd devices and turn off sync, shutting down chrome completely,restart Chrome, clear my cache, then make the necessary changes.  Then one by one, I turned sync back on...
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