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I forgot to say, count me in, and I'll ship internationally.
It's up on the homepage now, guys. I love seeing this continue every year! We've got a great community here, and this is just one of the cool things to get involved in.
Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2016 CanJam @ RMAF Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway!   Winner ID Prize ELLENV Darin Fong Audio Out Of Your Head license and all 27 speaker preset licenses LEONARDL oBravo eamt-1c in-ear monitor ALANF Holo Audio Titanis Turbo 300ma version KENKOHT Astell&Kern AK XB10 CORBINM Fostex TH-610 ANTHONYF 1More Titanium Triple Driver In-Ear...
  You'll be missed!
Hi @chimney189! Welcome to Head-Fi!   While a Google search can give you many options, I personally prefer these two:   https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Adapter-Female-6-3mm-3-5mm/dp/B008JGWY2Y   https://www.amazon.com/Grado-Mini-Adaptor/dp/B001DK1ZVO   Those will adapt from the 1/4" of your DUM cable to 3.5mm.
Hello @JonnyBegood! Welcome to Head-Fi!   I don't have access to a P7 Wireless, but I am listening to the P7 Wired. Compared to the PM-3, in my opinion, the P7 is more detailed, has a bigger soundstage, and further reaching bass. I think the PM-3 delivers a warmer sound, and I find its pads much more comfortable, as they seem softer to me, but my ears are closer to the drivers with the PM-3 than the P7. Obviously, this may change with the P7 Wireless, but I think between...
You should be all set now!   Welcome to Head-Fi!
 I might have missed that you had specified less than 10 seconds previously, and if you did, then it's possible others may have as well.
Guys, can't we get along?   @audio123, I believe @Barra meant how many seconds does it take to boot?
I've removed a few posts which contained personal attacks. C'mon guys. Can't we get along? 
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