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A fix has been rolled out for the subscription issue, and should be remedied soon.  Also, those of you having email issues, I believe the fix has been implemented for that issue as well, but please let me know if you don't start receiving notifications via email.
Okay.  Thanks for the clarification.
@shotgunshane and @H20Fidelity - Just to confirm: Subscriptions aren't working on the front page of Head-Fi, but are working on the /subscriptions page...  Correct?
Thanks for the info guys.  I'm filing the necessary tickets.
As a test, would you be able to disable those flash downloader extensions, clear your cache, and see if that helps with speed?
Does it seem to happen around the same time of day? If so, around what time do you see it occur?
Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache, then restarting your browser to see if something was oddly cached?
Hi @LarsHP, thanks for letting us know about your issue.    Are you running any Firefox extensions? Also, are you experiencing the same issues with another browser like Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer?
Clearing the DNS cache helps briefly, then it persists.  It does seem to be DNS related, but I'm not sure where the hangup is.  I'm curious if the problem would occur if you were on another wifi network, or if your modem and router were restarted to clear any DNS cache out of those devices.  (Testing on another network would rule out home equipment as a potential problem.)   Outside of that, I can only suggest an Apple Genius, as I'm running out of ideas.
Okay...   Do the following:   1) Follow the browser cache clearing steps here, but DON'T restart Safari. 2) Clear the cache in Chrome by clicking "Chrome" in the top menu bar, and select "Clear browsing data...". 3) Close Chrome the same way you closed Safari. 4) Verify both are closed by looking in the Dock to make sure the white dot is not underneath either browser icon. 5) Re-run the DNS cache clearing in OSX via the terminal again.  The command can be found...
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