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 Actually, nothing goes in your ear.  Check out this post from our CES coverage.  The guy in the last two images is me. I didn't feel a thing.
@Bill-P - You should! The ear scans are very cool to experience.
@kageroh - Give it a try now.
An odd permission error that was remedied.
@thurstonX, can you give it another try?
Thanks for the information.  I'll be passing it along to the tech team to see if they can figure out what's going on, as you should be able to post replies just fine.
Thanks for those.  I apologize, I should have asked this earlier: Would you be able to visit a couple of the threads you mentioned and post some screenshots in this thread showing that you don't have the ability to post in them?   Are you using any antivirus? If so, what software and version? As you are seeing this in two different browsers, it seems I could rule out a browser extension as being the cause. An Antivirus software would affect both browsers.
Can you give me their URLs?  It's better for the tech team to get specific examples for troubleshooting so they can replicate the scenario as close as possible when testing.
I've removed those last off-topic posts.
Can you guys give me a couple of examples of threads you can't reply to/edit anymore?
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