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Guys -- Let's stay on topic and stop the attacks. 
@Tuxan1 - You should be all set.
@Headlessphones - Give it a try now.
  Berlin, September 4, 2014 – Let your ears be loved: Sennheiser’s new URBANITE headphones are the new sound of urban style, bringing the bass for an intense club experience on the move. The audio specialist’s new mobile headphone range – including the on-ear URBANITE and over-ear URBANITE XL – delivers massive bass but with Sennheiser’s uncompromising audio expertise ensuring excellent clarity throughout the entire frequency range.   “Sennheiser URBANITE headphones...
@Flamess - You can change your avatar now.
I'm looking into this issue, but I've made a change to your profile which may correct the issue.  Please let me know if you can now post in the Equipment forums.
 I was just listening to the Mo-Fi for the past hour or so, and while it is on the heavier side of headphones I've been wearing lately (Sennheiser Amperior, Sennheiser MOMENTUM, V-MODA M-80, and Shure SRH940), I still had no issue while wearing it.  It has been sounding great while listening to Lourde, the Civil Wars, Pearl Jam, and Die Antwoord.
@overclocked157 - Give it a try now.
@lin0003 - We did have some email issues yesterday.  I'm going to send you a test PM.  Could you let me know if you receive an email for it or not?  Thanks!
A fix has been rolled out for the subscription issue, and should be remedied soon.  Also, those of you having email issues, I believe the fix has been implemented for that issue as well, but please let me know if you don't start receiving notifications via email.
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