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Hello @Aidanm77! Welcome to Head-Fi!   If you post more, your PM limit will increase. Also note that you should now be able to post throughout the forms now.   If you have any more questions, please let me know!
I'll look into it!
@Lookout57 - You're set!   If anyone else needs a profile badge, please PM me.
@fuhransahis - You're all set!
@ss5972 - I've placed a CanJam NYC badge on your profile!
Just so everyone's aware, the CanJam NYC impressions thread is right here!
    It's about to begin! Post your impressions here!
@warrenpchi - You're all set.
Don't slip, @third_eye.
Bring your own music! Just be sure to ask the exhibitor if you can plug in your own source or insert a card into their player, etc.
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