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I'm in like Flynn, as some kids say.  
Hello @richardfugh! You should be all set now. 
Guys -- I've removed some argumentative posts. Let's move on.
That's a really good question. The last time I bought pads for my Grados, I got them from TTVJAudio.com. Maybe @Todd might be able to help you out?
While I haven't heard the Mayflower version, the stock T50RP MK3 sounds really good paired with the Fostex HP-A4. I've been listening to that setup on and off for the better part of the last six months or so.
Hi @bhpchen94!    What genres are you typically listening to? It will help when people make headphone or IEM suggestions.
Welcome to Head-Fi, @Arnacia!   There's a lot of good options out there. Definitely check out the Head-Fi Buying Guide's Wireless section for some reviews and recommendations.
If it's happening with various devices you're plugging in (be it the Grados or other headphones), then it's safe to assume it's the macbook. I'd suggest checking for any updates, and possibly consult the Geniuses at the Apple store.
Welcome to Head-Fi, @Teapole!    While it won't handle the speakers, the MicPort Pro from CEntrance might be a solution. It's got the female side of the XLR for your mic, and can connect to your computer via miniUSB. It's a solid 24/96 Mic Preamp.I've used it in the past for voice projects and was happy with it.
Hello @DarkJeb! Welcome to Head-Fi!     Have you tried other headphones in the computer (such as your Apple earbuds, which would have come with your iPod), and see if the crackle is there too? My best guess is that the sound card isn't fully seated or there's a grounding issue, but if the earbuds don't have the crackle, I'm not sure.
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