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Give it a try now. You should be all set.
 I've had to add a few house rules, but we take it very much like a beer and pretzels game.. We don't take it too seriously, and we only play it with a specific group, but it's still fun for us. I tend to paint minis and such, so I get to use them a lot more in HQ than say D&D (which I tend to play on Roll20.) I picked up Advanced HeroQuest a couple years ago, and I don't know if we'll get to it anytime soon, but it keeps the collector in me happy.
If you like Ticket to Ride, @WraithApe, check out Trains. It's like TTR but adds a deck-building mechanic. It's good fun.
Yeah, I went to GenCon. A friend of mine actually developed his own offshoot of HeroQuest (tentatively calling it HeroQuest Prime), and I got to play it at GenCon. It was a blast.   And have you seen this?     I got to play a Savage Worlds one-shot themed as "The Goonies meets the Ghostbusters", and it was brilliant. It was a great way to get into that ruleset. I also got my first sampling of Fate.
Betrayal on House on the Hill is one of my favorites that I don't own. I believe there was an expansion recently announced, s I need to get my hands on a copy of the base game and said expansion. I wanted to at GenCon, but WOTC wasn't in attendance.   In regard to Elder Sign, @WraithApe, it's a popular game in my house. We love the Unseen Forces expansion, but we're mixed on Gates of Arkham. There's another expansion out there too for it, but I haven't gotten my hands on...
Astell&Kern isn't attending, but I believe some exhibits have A&K players. And yes, @jude is roaming around.They appear to have one on their table, but I haven't given it a listen yet.
Guys, I removed some posts which seemed to be more than competitive sniping. Let's keep to the topic.
Welcome to Head-Fi, @Alan-in-NC!   Definitely check out the DIY forum here,  and the portable source forum here for assistance with iPod mods.
Hello @qmzhao1985! Welcome to Head-Fi!   Head-Fi HQ's QC35 has been used on a number of trips, and we haven't experienced any issues with the switch, as far as I've seen. But if you're using the auto-power off feature, it will still drain the battery, as it's in stand-by mode, waiting for you to touch a button to resume your listening. (I've just tested to confirm.) So, if you want to save the battery life, I'd say use the switch. If you don't mind charging every few...
Hello @schuey! Welcome to Head-Fi!   I'm not sure what country you are in, but you can check their service partner list here. If you can't find one near you, I'd suggest contacting one of the locations in the list which have a Sennheiser domain name in their email address to see if they might be able to put you in touch with the appropriate contact. I've found Sennheiser's staff to be extremely helpful when I've needed their assistance.
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