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Yeah, it could have been a delay in the editor loading.  We'll still keep an eye out.
Would you be able to capture a screenshot of these ads or a clickthrough URL or the originating URL (if it's visible)?  It will help the team investigate which ads are popping up and remedying them.
By chance, are you using any extensions in your Safari install?
I recently had an issue with bookmarks where Google Sync threw me for a loop.  I would delete a bunch of bookmarks from my toolbar in Chrome from all my devices, but they would just keep coming back.  I found that disabling Google Sync, removing the bookmarks, clearing the cache, then shutting down and restarting the browsers on all devices before re-enabling Google Sync fixed that issue.   While I'm not sure it would be a fix in this instance, knowing it worked for that...
@bms44974 - Thanks for the updated list.  I've updated the ticket.
@bulkie - Thanks for the report.  I'll add it to the ticket.     Are you using Google Sync on those computers?
I don't seem to be seeing the same issues. I'm also on a Mac, and those posts for joetest were made with Safari (using both the BBedit editor and the RichText editor).   If the page isn't fully loaded, there might be an issue with it's functionality.  We'll do some more tests to see if we can get the same issues to appear.
I'll add that to the ticket as well.  Thanks for the information, @GrindingThud.
@bulkie - Can you confirm if clearing Chrome's cache remedies the problem for you?
Hello lehmanhill,   Could you let me know what device, operating system, browser, and browser version you're using when you see the logout button become inactive?    That information will help us recreate the issue and get it corrected.   Thanks!
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