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I just tried the Aurender Flow with my iPhone 6+ and iOS 10.0.1, and I'm getting the "The connected device requires too much power" pop-up. 
Hello @GWD72! Welcome to Head-Fi!   While I don't have access to a MDR-V4 (nice find, by the way!), I would possibly try emailing Sony via their support page: https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/contact-email.pl?mdltype_id=46    They might be able to gather more information for you. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the MDR-V4, and don't have access to one.
Hello @joejohn5579! Welcome to Head-Fi!   How much are you looking to spend for a set of Bluetooth headphones?   I find the Sony MDR-1RBT to be a good Bluetooth over-ear with angled drivers. My ears stick out some (one side more than the other, admittedly), and the MDR-1RBT is pretty comfortable. Note that it doesn't have any type of noise cancelling like the QC35. You could also try the MDR-10R, which also has angled drivers, but I feel the 1RBT has more room and...
Hi @knightshade! Welcome to Head-Fi!   While I don't have much experience with wireless in-ear monitors, I do periodically use a Noble BTS around the office, connected to my iPhone 6+. I just plug any headphones I'm using into the BTS, and it Bluetooth-enables the headphone/IEM in question. While it doesn't get rid of the cable, I can use a cable wrap and drastically reduce the amount of cable I have to deal with. (The Noble BTS was also featured in the Head-Fi Buying...
Hello @Slurry! Welcome to Head-Fi! I'm glad you've been enjoying the DT 990s. I'm going to have to give those a listen again soon.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and switch from Mobile view to Desktop view. You can create a new classified there.   If you have any other questions, please let me know!
Hello @NaiveSound!   I've checked your account, and you have the necessary permissions. Are you receiving an error message? If so, could you send me a screenshot of it (either by posting in this thread or PMing me), and I can investigate further.
Hello @JuliuScissor! Welcome to Head-Fi!   While I don't have experience with these in-ears, I know @Zelda has experience with the Ostry KC06A (and you can check out her review here), but I am not sure about the Tennmak Dulcimer. I'd suggest checking out that review to help you make your choice.   I hope that helps!
Hello @sungzin! Welcome to Head-Fi!   You should be all set now. If you're still having an issue, please send me a PM, and I'd be happy to help you out.
Hello @Dave Schinkel! Welcome to Head-Fi! While I'm not sure if Shure sells the dampers, you can try reaching out to them via their web site or by phone. I found the following information on this page:  I hope this helps!
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