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I'll look into it!
@Lookout57 - You're set!   If anyone else needs a profile badge, please PM me.
@fuhransahis - You're all set!
@ss5972 - I've placed a CanJam NYC badge on your profile!
Just so everyone's aware, the CanJam NYC impressions thread is right here!
    It's about to begin! Post your impressions here!
@warrenpchi - You're all set.
Don't slip, @third_eye.
Bring your own music! Just be sure to ask the exhibitor if you can plug in your own source or insert a card into their player, etc.
Here's a question for you HP-A4 users:   I just updated to OSX 10.12 (Sierra), and I did the firmware update to my HP-A4 as outlined here, but I'm definitely not getting proper audio. My question is: Did I screw up the firmware update? Are you having any audio issues with Sierra?
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