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Impressions thread is here! Be sure to post all your impressions in that thread.
@Cotnijoe - I believe JDS is in the Atrium.
I've created an impressions thread right here! Post your impressions and photos there!   I can't wait to see all of the impressions. This is truly a fantastic event.
    Post your impressions and photos of CanJam @ RMAF here!
@bearFNF - You should Go-Pro the "Lobster Mac & Cheese" competition.
You guys, this is looking like an amazing CanJam @ RMAF, and I'm excited to see all of the pics and impressions of this year's event. RMAF holds a special place in my audio heart, as it was the first show I started going to. So many fantastic people gathering to share their love of audio. It really is cool.   Have a good time in Denver, friends!
Incorrect. There's no hyphen in LCD4! ;-)
C'mon guys.  Can't we get along?
I don't think I even know... but I suspect digestion issues.
Can't we all just get along guys? I've cleaned up a few posts, and hope we can continue talking about the DX80.
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