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Check out the meet impressions thread right here!
  Check out all of the meet impressions and photos here!
Let's get back on topic, guys.
That Turbo X is a great piece of gear, in my opinion. I enjoy mine immensely.
I'd prefer May 2. (...and by the way, I'm in.)
Come on, guys. Let's be civil.
While I have a moment, I just wanted to jump into the thread and say thank you to everyone who attended CanJam SoCal. It was a pleasure to meet up with old friends and make new ones, all while seeing some amazing gear. I didn't get to listen to very much, but I enjoyed talking with everyone. I also wanted to thank @jude, @third_eye, @warrenpchi, and all of the other guys (whose usernames I can't recall at the moment) who worked their butts off to make this an extraordinary...
All the impressions are appearing here!
I'll try to file that, but if you can get a screenshot of it for use to begin our search from, it'd be appreciated.
Sometimes though, even with those settings, things get through.  Once I receive a report, I can get it to the team and they can get it nuked relatively quickly.
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