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@fnkcow - I've been using the BTS all morning with the Sennheiser MOMENTUM, and switched to the Final Audio Design Heaven VI (it's the first IEM within reach), and I do notice a bass difference between the headphone jack of my iPhone 6 Plus and the BTS. Via the BTS, bass is still there, but with both the Heaven VI and the MOMENTUM, I'm not hearing the low bass as prominent. It hasn't distracted me at all though, and I'm guessing it has more to do with Bluetooth versus...
 Hi @-Blackbird-! Given your preferences listed above, I think the HD380s might be more up your alley. I've pulled out both headphones and gave them a listen. The UE6000 is as @cel4145 describes - warm with bass emphasis. The 380s in comparison sound more neutral to me. They definitely don't have that bass emphasis of the UE6000. The HD380s definitely sound clearer to my ears in regard to details.
I've been enjoying the original MOMENTUMs, and find them to be a good "coffee house" headphone when I drive them from my iPhone 6 Plus. Bass is elevated, but I find it helps me ignore some of the surrounding ambient noise of a coffee house when listening at lower volumes.   You may also want to take a look at @MattTCG's review of the latest version (link), and see if those may be up your alley.    I haven't listened to the hp150, as @DoppenShloppen suggests, but I hope...
Unfortunately, I haven't had experience with the IE80s. Sorry about that.
Their contact info can be found at, as well as   You might want to try emailing them with pictures of the part(s) you need. They might be able to help you out. 
Hi @rixlbg! I know @jude talked about both headphones in this entry in the Head-Fi Gift Guide. It's definitely worth looking at for another data point when comparing the Spirit Classic and the Spirit Professional.
While I'm no woodworker, I'd assume a wood lathe and chisels would be the top tools for the job.   Good luck with your project!
Hi @fedegar!   Welcome to Head-Fi!
While I don't have one around to play with to investigate this, @Zelda may be able to. She wrote a review of the HM-700 last year, so I know she has experience with it.
Which filters were you using with the T10?
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