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It sounds like it definitely is an issue on the laptop.  What OS and browser are you using on the laptop?  Are you using any add-ons or extensions?  Have you tried turning those off?  Sometimes extensions can cause issues with the scripts necessary to display certain features of the site.
It looks like you subscribed to the product "Yamaha PRO 500" which that thread is tagged with, so since that thread talks about that headphone (as it's been tagged as such), you're getting it in your subscriptions.
Thank you for posting this, cel4145.  I'll investigate what I can and file a ticket for these issues.
Guys - Let's move on.
@Frankzappa92 -  As you can see here in the For Sale and Trade Forums FAQ, you must be a member of Head-Fi for over thirty days, and you must have over fifteen posts on Head-Fi's forums in order to post in the FS/T forum area.  Please note that when you do reach the necessary post count, the change isn't instantaneous.  The system checks periodically to see who has reached the necessary level to create a thread in the For Sale and Trade forums.
@Blueshound24 - Can you try clearing your cookies and cache again?  I know there was an update recently that helped some users who were having login issues, and to make sure that older cookies are not around to cause an issue, you'd have to clear them again.  Please let me know if you are still having issues.
I've filed a ticket for this.  Thanks for reporting.
Guys -- Let's be civil here.
@TwinQY - Can you post a screenshot showing both the error and the address bar contents?  
Thank you for the information.  I'll pass it along to the tech team for investigation.
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