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That Turbo X is a great piece of gear, in my opinion. I enjoy mine immensely.
I'd prefer May 2. (...and by the way, I'm in.)
Come on, guys. Let's be civil.
While I have a moment, I just wanted to jump into the thread and say thank you to everyone who attended CanJam SoCal. It was a pleasure to meet up with old friends and make new ones, all while seeing some amazing gear. I didn't get to listen to very much, but I enjoyed talking with everyone. I also wanted to thank @jude, @third_eye, @warrenpchi, and all of the other guys (whose usernames I can't recall at the moment) who worked their butts off to make this an extraordinary...
All the impressions are appearing here!
I'll try to file that, but if you can get a screenshot of it for use to begin our search from, it'd be appreciated.
Sometimes though, even with those settings, things get through.  Once I receive a report, I can get it to the team and they can get it nuked relatively quickly.
Hey guys, if you see these ads, please PM me a screenshot and a link/clickthrough URL and I'll get it to the team to get them nuked.  They annoy us as much as they annoy you, but we need  this information to find the offending ad and get it taken care of.
Just under nine hours...
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