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I'm looking into this issue, but I've made a change to your profile which may correct the issue.  Please let me know if you can now post in the Equipment forums.
 I was just listening to the Mo-Fi for the past hour or so, and while it is on the heavier side of headphones I've been wearing lately (Sennheiser Amperior, Sennheiser MOMENTUM, V-MODA M-80, and Shure SRH940), I still had no issue while wearing it.  It has been sounding great while listening to Lourde, the Civil Wars, Pearl Jam, and Die Antwoord.
@overclocked157 - Give it a try now.
@lin0003 - We did have some email issues yesterday.  I'm going to send you a test PM.  Could you let me know if you receive an email for it or not?  Thanks!
A fix has been rolled out for the subscription issue, and should be remedied soon.  Also, those of you having email issues, I believe the fix has been implemented for that issue as well, but please let me know if you don't start receiving notifications via email.
Okay.  Thanks for the clarification.
@shotgunshane and @H20Fidelity - Just to confirm: Subscriptions aren't working on the front page of Head-Fi, but are working on the /subscriptions page...  Correct?
Thanks for the info guys.  I'm filing the necessary tickets.
As a test, would you be able to disable those flash downloader extensions, clear your cache, and see if that helps with speed?
Does it seem to happen around the same time of day? If so, around what time do you see it occur?
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