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Make sure that the computer(s) and ipad are all logged out, cleared and restarted before re-syncing.  Otherwise, those settings will just keep bouncing back in.  (At least, that was my experience.)
Give it a try now!
Yeah, that sounds like you have something else going on entirely, @ProtegeManiac.  Let me ask you this:  Are you using Google Sync?   I've had some issues in the past were settings I made in Chrome kept being reset and deleted bookmarks kept re-appearing.  I corrected the issue by going into each of my sync'd devices and turn off sync, shutting down chrome completely,restart Chrome, clear my cache, then make the necessary changes.  Then one by one, I turned sync back on...
It sounds like the editor wasn't fully loading.   Are you seeing the editor tools now?   If not, have you made any system changes or extension changes prior to seeing this issue?
Thanks for the update!   If you do see it again, please see if you can get a link or screenshot so we can more easily find the offending ad and get it taken care of.
Thanks for letting us know.     Could you provide a screenshot of it and/or a URL of the ad or the click-through?  This will help the team tracking down where its coming from and get it taken care of.
After watching your video, it appears I was correct. The editor hasn't fully loaded when you begin typing. To avoid this issue in the future, you should wait till it's fully loaded before beginning to type your post.
Thank you for reporting this.  I will pass it along to the tech team for investigation.  If you could provide screenshots, I'll pass them along to the team. As the Tapatalk installation in use is a highly modified plug-in, Tapatalk integration does require a lot of work from the team. We would suggest using our mobile interface instead, as it was designed to be a better integration than Tapatalk.
If you can record this on your screen with VLC or Jing ( so the tech team can watch it, it would be appreciated.  It sounds, however, like the editor isn't fully loaded when you're starting to type.     A video, however, would help us confirm this.     What browser and OS are you using?  I'd like to see if I can re-create this issue.
You should be able to now.
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