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If you navigated away at the break, Imogen is back on stage performing.
I'm enjoying Imogen Heap and the orchestra! Fantastic!
Nice images, @Rosmadi Mahmood! 
All headphones should come with your very own @warrenpchi.
Guys, let's get back to the Gungnir.
Welcome to Head-Fi! 
Stay strong, Romy. Sending positive vibes your way. If I've gathered anything from reading your posts, it's that you're a fighter and will kick all of the requisite butt to overcome.
 I know at CanJam SoCal, the audiologists only did impressions for the company they were there for. You may want to contact one or more of the companies to see if they will be allowing independent impression purchases.
If you still have the cable, contact Drew at Moon Audio and see if he can remedy it. (His Head-Fi username is @drubrew) 
@geesechops - Head over to the Meets forum and post an interest thread. You might be able to get some people together. 
New Posts  All Forums: