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I just tested with my iPhone 4S through Chrome, and the Mobile interface doesn't allow it. You can, however, scroll to the bottom and switch to desktop view.  I was able to post a classified that way, but the image attachment I uploaded didn't appear till I posted.
Are you seeing the same issue when using a non-mobile device? (Like a desktop or laptop computer?)
@PinkFloydQ - What OS and browser (and version) are you using?
@PinkFloydQ - You should be able to post a classified.  Can you try again and let me know if you were successful?
I'll update that.  Thanks, Smarty-pants.
It's not a bug. As you can see at the top of the Feedback & Bug Reports forum: 
C'mon guys.  Let's be more civil here.
Thanks for the additional information, @roskodan.  I was able to re-create the issue with your instructions.  I'll add it to the ticket.
I'm looking into this and filing a ticket for the tech team to investigate.
Thanks for pointing this one out, @RazorJack and @kjk1281.  I've filed a ticket.
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