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I don't know if its me and i can't find it, but I can't find the Upgrade on the site for the Balanced/Universal Mad Dog to the Mad Dog Pro.  I finally got the cash to order it but can't find it... not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me.  lol.  Hopefully it's still $60.  The new site design looks awesome though, really showcases the products. 
lol you had me at early adopter, lost me at penalty   thanks again for the fast response! my turn came up to upgrade my MDs to's decision time....  
thanks for fast response Dan!  I checked out the site and I found it.  But it looks the pricing is switched, its got 60 crossed out and 120 not.  So it's coming up as 120 in the cart. 
I'm thinking about doing the Pro upgrade on my MD Universals.  Is the upgrade price the same for upgrading the universals rather than the regular unbalanced version? 
  I have to say im kinda glad I'm not the only one experiencing that issue.  Luckily I don't have to charge the RX very often, but yeah it is kinda hard not to notice the hiss.  :-/ refault, you're able to charge the rx through usb? or did I read that wrong?   That's cool if you do, do you need a special type of cable? jaganee, thanks for the confirmation, i'm wondering if this is a common issue with all RX MKIIIs.
that's good to hear, i've never had a bad time with complys.  i'll probably just stick with them. Thanks!
I think I read it somewhere, or it could be just my imagination, I've read so many posts they are all starting to look the same...   but can the 7550 cable be interchanged with the ex1000 cable?  I've tried to see if I could tell from the pictures, but I can't tell.  I've read some posts that say the stock cable is on the thin side while the ex1000 is a bit thicker.  Also to keep on discussion, I ordered some complys for my 7550s that get here tomorrow.   I could never get...
I have my RX MKIII+ hooked up to my CLAS db, and the only time i hear a hiss is when i'm charging and using the RX in balanced mode. Doesn't matter what gain.  I'm about 90% sure I tried the same thing in SE mode with no hiss.  Not sure if that's normal.  I'm thinking its some type of ground issue.  Reason I think it's that is because if I touch the ac adapter end to the metal body of the RX, I hear the same hiss ( found out by accident).  This is using the original RX ac...
I'm in.
awesome! thanks for a replies all.  i placed an order for these already and can't wait for them to get here. 
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