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awesome! thanks Peter, looks like a lot of work was involved, can't wait to try the different configs tonight.  Cheers!
that is perfect Dan!  Appreciate the fast reply.  Thanks!
Got my Mad Dog Pro's last week and they are great!  One thing I wanted to ask Dan, is that it came with a doggie treats pack and I wanted to mess around with the dots, but I noticed it already has 2 already installed on each side.  Is it recommended to have more than 2 on each side, and if so, where should they go? 
awesome! I can't wait to get my Pros! 
Thanks for the info Dan!
 Does this include the Mad Dog Pros, since they show out of stock as well?  Also is there any way to get silver risers instead of bronze for MDPs?  Thanks!
Placed an order for the Mad Dog Pros last night. I had my eye on them for a long time.  I have the Universal Mad Dog and was looking to upgrade, but I just love the way it is right now and couldn't bring myself to change it.  This sale just made it that much easier to get me to bite the bullet for a new pair.    Dan or Peter, by any chance do you all sell the headphone stands by themselves? I'd be interested in picking one up for my Mad Dog Universal. Thanks!
Up for sale is a Black Cypher Labs Solo db. It is in great condition (no scratches) and works great. However, I had my iPod attached to it for a while and the case lifted some of the paint, see pictures. This does not affect the sound quality!!   Includes: -the Solo db -the Solo db AC adapter -Cypher Labs leather pad -2x 30 pin sync cable -2x cypher labs straps -a USB A to USB mini-b adapter -USB A to USB mini-b cable (not pictured, but it's included) -Cypher...
I don't know if its me and i can't find it, but I can't find the Upgrade on the site for the Balanced/Universal Mad Dog to the Mad Dog Pro.  I finally got the cash to order it but can't find it... not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me.  lol.  Hopefully it's still $60.  The new site design looks awesome though, really showcases the products. 
lol you had me at early adopter, lost me at penalty   thanks again for the fast response! my turn came up to upgrade my MDs to's decision time....  
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