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I really liked what they did with the last couple of episodes in Noragami. I think it is slightly underrated this season (but that's probably because I enjoy it).
Wow, I from what I heard of it, I wouldn't have suspected Mechs in it. If it was a version of Law&Order, I'm sure Pat would be all over that. It sounds interesting, too bad they screwed the pooch on it. They do have some great fanart.
 I've been enjoying all of those so far, but I haven't checked out Wizard Baristers. I was going to watch it after Liam recommended it on the Podcast a few weeks ago (I think you were the one who also liked TBFP). But I've been hearing that it hasn't been as good as it could of been, so I think I'm content with not watching that one.
 It has been quite some time since I've been here...What are some of your guys' favorite anime this season? I was surprised to find myself liking a good amount of them this time around (and yes, Tsugumi is best girl thus far).
This. I agree with this 100%.
Stopping by for once to share this glorious remix:
Oh, they definitely do. Liam is definitely a lolicon at this point, he seems to fit the bill, hahaha. They need to keep on incorporating Liam more often in their vids.
Hahaha, oh man is Homecoming bad. I greatly enjoy their commentary on the games, it's pretty funny XD
I was thinking of posting Liam's top ten shortly after watching it, it's perfect for this thread XD  I take it you also watch TBF? It's Liam, of course it's going to have Project Diva F XD
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