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ALO International - $360 —2nd owner, purchased on eBay. Pristine condition, 50+ hours. Battery works great. —NOT the + version —All goodies and box included. Only one amp strap included, so one might be missing   Theorem 720 DAC/amp. $700 — Pristine condition, very few hours. 2nd owner, first was a headfier (gmahler2u). —All goodies and box included.   Paypal please. Prices include shipping and fees.
**Would love to sell tonight or tomorrow before I leave town. Make an offer!**   For sale is a lightly used AK120 with TWO 64gb Sandisk cards and the AKS01 (stand for the player).   Less than 20 hours of use. Device is in pristine/mint condition and has been protected by the case and the clear films.   The original box that the AK120 came in has some water and compression damage and is not in great condition. All contents are fine, but the original box is in rough...
25.1 lbs 32.3 lbs 48.0 lbs
I think the prices on eBay are a little high. They will come down slightly when they are actually shipped from the US, just like the 120/100/240. Just the initial premium.But yes, in general, crazy expensive products...!
They've popped up on eBay recently! Shipped from Korea.
Have you looked at the audio midi panel on the Mac? I'm not sure about PC, but you have to switch the sound output (when the device is turned on) to the DAC and the DAC should function. If it doesn't, you're probably looking at a device issue.
**Looking to sell and ship by Friday! Please make an offer!**   For sale is my dear International. It has been a wonderful ride and a fantastic introduction into a dac setup. I am selling to upgrade to a separate dac and amp setup.   International is in excellent aesthetic and functional condition. Charger (not pictured) IS included. 2nd owner.   Includes shipping and fees.   No trades, por favor.
I wish I have, but I haven't yet! I'd look at the descriptions on the Mr Speakers site to get a vague idea of the differences...
For what it's worth, I reviewed the MDP recently. Have not heard the MD, but perhaps you can compare! 
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