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Hereby i'm selling my Goodmans Maxim These are all alnico units. They have a beautiful midrange, and surprising bass for their size All units are original and technically 100%, Anymore questions: SOLD
Selling my John Blue JB3 speakers, no scratches on the lacquer Sound fantastic in nearfield! Original box and fronts included
Going to floorstanders (again..) so i'm selling my very musical sounding Dynaudio Excite X12 speakers, works also very well in nearfield desktop setup. They are in excellent condition! including original box en grills
Selling my great sounding Harmonic Technology Truthlink copper interconnect Length is 1 metre New price is 250 euro
I'm selling my Audio-GD DI-V3 USB / Coaxial / I2S Converter & Reclocker In my experience the best bang for a buck spdif converter Includes: Audio-GD TCXO upgrade, spdif input and I2S
Moved to an integrated amp therefore selling my really nice sounding Kingrex Pre-amp, technically 100%
I'm selling my great sounding Kingrex T20U + Kingrex PSU speaker amplifier both are technically 100% cables are included   Specifications: TRIPATH power module TA2020-20 0.03% THD+N@10W 4Ω 0.1% THD+N@12W 4Ω 0.18% IHF-IM@1W 4Ω Power output: 22W @4Ω 10%THD+N, VDD=13.5V 13W @ 8Ω 10% THD+N, VDD=13.5V Efficiency: 88% @12W 8Ω 81% @20W 4Ω Dynamic Range: 99dB Over current and over temperature protection. Gold RCA and SP terminals. 6mm thick...
Up for sale my great sounding Spendor S3/5R2 (latest version). They are spraypainted by the previous owner, looks professionally done One speaker has some lacquer damage, and no grills unfortunately.. They are in technically perfect contact me at:
No, Sorry these are sold
I'm currently downgrading so i'm offering a very nice sounding Van Den Hul The Second interconnect 80cm
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