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*price drop* 300 -> 275 euro for the pair
That's the price for the pair :)
Selling my Emes Kobalt studio monitors with a great price/performance ratio technically 100% with original box New price is 324,40 per monitor
Trying something new and now offering my great sounding AD LABS Rockna rd-2 dac with burr-brown pcm1796 technical description: - input frequencies : 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 Khz - number of inputs : 2 (optical, coaxial) - bit depth : 16 to 24 bit - s/n ratio: 105 db - thd : 0,04% - imd : 0,05% - low impedance output (30 ohms) - bandwidth : 10 hz - 20 khz, +/- 0.5 Db - careful layout, very short signal path - ultralow jitter reference oscillator - micro-controller...
Offering my Lite dac AH NOS dac with 8x Philips TDA1543 modded; opamps bypassed, output caps are Jantzen Silver Z caps technically 100%
Offering my Kingrex UC192 spdif converter, technically 100% Adaptive synchronous mode with proprietary drivers 1ppm TXCO master clock USB 2.0 compliant Interface USB 2.0 high/full speed compliant Alternative zero bandwidth setting to save USB bandwidth while device in idle state Adaptive clock generator for audio streaming synchronization Supports CRC error correction for playback data IIS Audio Interface support IIS Master Mode Also supports IIS Slave Mode when feedback...
Price drop to 350 euro
Offering my Sonus Faber Toy barred leather speakers, in mint condition with original box Also great as nearfield speakers!
I'm changing my setup and now I'm offering my Quad 9L active monitors, Designed to be used in nearfield.Sounds great on your desktop! color is lilac They have about 100 hours on them, so they are as new Including all accessories New price was 700 euro's
Hereby i'm selling my Goodmans Maxim These are all alnico units. They have a beautiful midrange, and surprising bass for their size All units are original and technically 100%, Anymore questions: SOLD
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