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I wouldn't take anything from the well tempered computer as the ultimate truth, a lot of it was questionable when it was released and is even worse now.
Just get a PI + hifiberry. Will sound as good as a dedicated PC and will cost (relative) peanuts and take 10 minutes to install.
Yeah, its benefits for file size are actually kind of sad though. Not sure I'll ever see a MQA file in real life without looking specifically for it.
Just wait until we are unpacking MQA into high res flac using nothing but a plugin for our favourite music player. The industry still hasn't worked out that all we really want is really well recorded and produced music in a variety of formats.
Is there any reason your alsa config is so busy? You shouldn't need to use plug or remap channels for stereo. I'd also put money on your connectivity errors coming from that alsa error.
For reliability on a music server I would suggest following the guide in my SIG, but instead of using numbers for card use the name instead, as the numbers relate to initialisation order on startup and can change when other devices are enabled or disabled. Removing or disabling pulseaudio would also be suggested as it is useless on a music server. You could even go as far as using a realtime kernel and changing the priority of playback, editing /etc/default/grub to text...
Again. There is no mention of the file because Ubuntu uses pulse to configure alsa, not because alsa itself has changed. Even in upstream versions not to hit Ubuntu for a while alsa uses the exact same configuration as every other distro. Also, asoundrc is the local user file that lives hidden under home/user/ not the global one that is used in etc.
Its apple, they are probably doing some EQ and not telling you about it.
 You may need the package:orTo get alsa playback working with some apps that strictly use gstreamer default as output.
Hey there, firstly. Tweaking /var/lib/alsa/asound.state will do nothing as it is created by alsa. This is alsa's global config file./etc/asound.conf Between this file and /etc/mpd.conf you should be able to do everything you want. Your asound.conf will need to read something like     and your mpd conf will need to read something like audio_output { type "alsa" name "My USB DAC" mixer_type "hardware" # optional}
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