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The bifrost is no slouch. Every day I listen to a album I thought I knew off by heart and get details I never knew existed. It was touch and go just after I got it with muddy bass and a less than stellar sound stage. Even A/B ing with the odac showed a couple of issues, these very quickly dissapeared and I am left in awe.
As someone who grew up with analog and didn't hear anything digital until my rio mp3 player from forever ago, i can't stand analog sources. Even more so i can't stand digital copies of analog sources.
I often see people around with decent gear, not sure how many are on here though. Would anyone be interested?
Too many connections.
I can't help but feel like while the cost disadvantage for smaller producers is definitely there, there is no reason that they couldn't do it for far, far less money and get comparable results. Not on par, but definitely enough to shake up UE and drive inovation. In fact as long as you were producing the driver chamber with a traditional means to ensure sound and durability, what is stopping people from producing custom shells around the generic chamber/ driver setup? A...
Plus you could re use the lamp!
Yeah no doubt, good post for those poor souls who are wondering why on their own systems.
That's a very "interesting" problem.
I'm glad they haven't disappointed. I have been looking for some new monitors for office use in our new place next year, sadly Australia is quite the desert island when it comes to hifi. Any further impressions would be appreciated.
It will upload as fast as it can, either from your connection or the server load. It does auto match, but it has to be the "same" at a hash level. Sadly even just a different master can effect whether it will match or upload. Usually albums originally from a digital download service will match perfectly as producers just throw out the same files to everyone.
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