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As I said previously, remember that when using screen casting you are limited to the depth:rate your OEM has set, and all music goes through the android mixer before getting cast, but if you are happy with these limitations then more power to you.
Exactly. Instead I suggest flac based on its space saving properties, great platform support and great tools for archival purposes including integrity checking.
The problem is its not as easy. To add casting playback to a music app is as simple as copy/ pasting the api into your app and adjusting for your media type. As soon as you want to do DSP you have to manually write the library to do so yourself, and as its one area I haven't looked into android app wise I'm not even sure how easy that would be. At the very least you would need 2 different casting functions based on whether the user is using DSP or not.Re battery draining,...
Any codec can be converted to any codec, and lossless to lossless will always sound the same as the original files. If you are looking at lossless the smartest option is flac as it is playable on just about everything and isn't tied to any platform. If you want to convert files on windows most music players can do it, foobar for example will convert between any format it can read (all of them) with simple plugins.
System casting will allow you DSP. It will also limit you to your OEMS bitdepth:rate and drain your battery and may sound worse. There is no equalisation because when you cast a file that isn't local the Chromecast plays from the source, not from your phone just like upnp. In theory a developer could make their app do DSP then cast "locally" but it will just destroy your battery life for the gain of DSP.Just a FYI, google could implement DSP on the Chromecast if they...
Google play music's upload your own music service for mobile playback. Rsync for syncing anything to/from the nas. Simple static ip's set for various mobile devices in the house, the nas periodically checks if the device is on the network and if it is starts a sync based on my own settings. Simple special folders that are always synced, so if I want anything specific its a simple copy/paste of the symlink to get the data out of non synched folders. Automation apps to...
Sure thing. Its just a tiny computer running a very striped down version of Linux so it connects in exactly the same way you connect any other computer eg via network cable or WiFi. Usually people just use a network cable to complete the initial setup of adding WiFi credentials, choosing which services to use or network shares to mount then they hide it away and never think about it again.You can use any number of apps and services to control it, and when a new service...
I hope at least 1 product line is literally the "redacted".
Indeed, but you can install Linux on a device you made yourself, or on a device that existed before mp3, install any free media player you want on it play mp3 files until the end of time. The same cannot be said for mqa, if they think charging OEMs for it is going to work they may want to think again.
I could see this happening if it were a open codec.When was the last time anyone here paid for a mp3 licence for personal use?
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