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If you ever want to give it another go:
StanD stop being so sensible haha.
This reminds me of people complaining about the "sound" of the odac and o2 amplifier when they came out. Really they just hated the sound of their own headphones.
I wouldn't mind vinyl so much if it didn't incur annoying artifacts in the audio and require me to flip a disk 20 minutes in. It doesn't help I have never heard a vinyl setup that I thought "that sounds better than my headphones, oh its only 3000? That's a steal." I exclusively listen to albums and can't stand shuffle anymore, but in no way do I "get" analog.
Thanks the info analog. I have read through many threads about them and impressions seem to differ which is the downside of human impressions I guess, and measurements never convey the whole story either. Every opinion helps though so thank you!
I tried searching for the D5000 and D7000 all morning, finding them in Australia might be a bit of a challenge. There is one guy selling a few D5000's many many hours away for about $900 but nothing else really out there. The 5000 and 7000 aren't even on denons au page which is really unhelpful too.
Since they are from a "regular" consumer brand i have no doubt i will be able to give them a listen before i decide. Thanks the idea!
Hey all. Currently have the PSB M4U1 (awful pop name and butt ugly) and absolutely LOVE everything about them from a comfort/sound/accessories/requirements point of view. I will probably be keeping the PSB's regardless of what I buy because I love them and they love me. Basically I want to go the next level up, but I want to keep the comfort and sound signature and the closed design. Alpha dogs seem to be the go to next level closed headphone and I have been eyeing them...
Journalism as a whole is a massive poopoo. Its not audio sites promising unmeasurable results or food packaging claiming 50% less sodium than a pile of sodium. The whole thing is mostly broken, and the few people with integrity can't get a gig because they refuse to sell something, a way of life, a product or even just incorrect information.
Educated guess: Like the bifrost all samples are sent as is to the DAC instead of all being converted to 24/96000 for example.
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