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I feel like you will appreciate this: https://www.meridian-audio.com/meridian-uploads/ara/coding2.pdfI'd love to hear your thoughts if you would be willing to share, your maths experience goes well beyond my own.
From the same master source and at the same end bitdepth:rate there should be no difference beyond the alterations from the mqa DSP, and as far as I am concerned DSP is a dirty word if something was mastered right in the first place. The link I posted with the q and a has info on the how they "convert" digital masters.
And on a technical level, even at its best it will never sound better than a normal pcm file from the same master. The file CAN just be smaller.
If anyone wants to read up and continue the discussion this is the most human readable book of mqa I have found, including a paper on the mqa technical method. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/694-comprehensive-q-mqa-s-bob-stuart/
It can also be done in software anyway.
The computer audiophile forums are much better than head-fi for that discussion, very few people here can hold a discussion on the subject.
I'd just go usb2 > wyrd > DAC. No point wasting those juicy USB 3 ports, and USB 3 controllers (the reason usb 3 is not suggested for DACs) were never really good for much beyond fast transfers.
Velcro ties are better. Reusable, joinable, no tools required ever, stick together for storage, work with other Velcro products. They are cheap also.
How has no one suggested a raspberry pi + hifiberry? Seriously? Airplay, upnp, mpd server and web client, various streaming services, let's you use ANY speakers on earth. Is a moving target platform, so when a new standard or service comes out you get support for free without swapping a single thing. Just buy the speakers you want, wireless has already been taken care of for years and will never be outdated.
Headphones are almost always better sound per dollar. The jbl's and elac's might however be the exception to the rule, especially the elac's. And whoever told you the krk's are neutral is pulling your leg. If you are allowed you can always look into sound proofing the rear wall/ whichever wall faces the rest of the house, it can help with reflections and keeping the parents happy, it's also not super expensive thanks to cheap Chinese manufacturing.
New Posts  All Forums: