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MQA's biggest problem is the "extra information" in the files would be unpacked by free audio players in no time, that's why they want the money up front. "But what about the profiling for individual DACs" you say. If your DAC is so innacurate it needs profiles to sound right you need a new DAC. So to answer the above question, if MQA became big free decoders would be out in no time rendering it dead from a financial point of view for anyone suckered in.
Do we know what DAC the dot uses? All i can find is a unknown Texas Instruments chip. The CCA has a AK4430 which is known as a great chip solution. At least on paper the CCA is way better at audio, it has a decent DAC after all. Just wanted to share my love for this local company and their products. I use their interconnects everywhere I can including some custom made cables for types they didn't stock but I wanted (dual rca splitters for use in my vehicles sound system ). Everything is exactly as well made as you would expect and prices are I would call "very fair" given the quality components. Anyone else have suggestions in Australia?
There is a definite point of diminishing returns, and I feel it's about the $3 per meter mark (AUD). I have some cables of various types from eBay with 99cents and free postage that sound noticeably worse than any of my other cables splitters and joiners to the point my girlfriend could blind tell I had different RCA's on her record player and she doesn't pay attention to details (ever ). That said, all my gear is treated to custom made cables from a local Pro audio...
A5+'s are fantastic multimedia speakers aka nothing sounds bad on them, even tv sounds really good. They aren't the most resolving things in the world but they can still make your couch shake during movies without a sub which is always a plus. And of course all genres of music sound good, even internet radio streams.
Streaming is killing downloads. I only buy records for the cool large artwork and flac download link, majority of them will never spin.
The gap in power usage is huge, but it's still small for a modern smartphone/tablet/laptop. I made a portable wireless hard drive with a 10000mah battery and even sending hd video to multiple users it lasts at least a day.
Disable pulse and everything will use alsa in a first come first served basis. Pretty sure there are players with alsa support our of the box though, Clementine comes to mind.
I've only seen these devices on diy audio forums. Probably because of that fat Price. They had better have used a fantastic pot!
You are correct, I listed them backwards in the low volume section, but the power saving is correct. Poweramps use a bias method to switch to AB as soon as the load is too high for class A to not go full fireball, in reading it said a great class A has an efficiency of just 30%. Ouch.
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