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Sold as bro.
Yeah I'm one of those weird people who like sound quality then comfort then everything else doesn't matter. My M4U1 is IMO the ugliest thing on the planet but damn if they don't sing.
MPD, goggles, foobar in wine all performed flawlessly with default settings, of course your mileage may vary. I usually keep another machine around to be a dedicated playback machine (volumio or daphile) these days though, so apart from keeping my bitperfect guide up to date and in working order i don't dabble in the desktop side much. Unless of course there is an issue that could use a look at that is probably reproduceable (like this one).
It could also he the way the program handles the buffer. On my machine (4790, 32gb ram) I had dropouts regularly with Clementine and a few others. But with other applications I had no such issues. To be noted however with Clementine even the largest buffer would act as if I hadn't changed a setting. Using network over power doesn't help.
Yeah something is definitely not working quite right.
If the buffer is small a network dropout of 1 second can be an issue, as within that one second it has already played all the samples it had stored. Raising the buffer allows for it to not need a connection for several seconds or even minutes at a time, eliminating network as a issue if it still occurs.
5-10 minutes sounds network related to me, I'd set deadbeef to buffer the full file then see if it still happens.
Ahaha funnily enough I do like some of his music (before the whole I am god thing he does now and constantly) he is just not a good person in real life from what I have seen. Plenty of people use their position to do good for society, he does not. Same reason I don't like Marilyn Manson. Nothing to do with music, bad people don't deserve my money IMO.
Their customer service told me so via email when they went public that how it is is how it will be for the "foreseeable future" and fixes to any of that is "unplanned".Jay-z is just a poo hole inside its own that wears itself as a crown. The king of poo holes so to speak.
My problems with Tidal:   No API. No plans on xbmc integration. No plans on clients with bit-perfect playback unless you use Linux (not a problem for me).   Jay-Z will fix none of these AND i would have to give money to a massive poo hole.
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