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WIthout the code of both its impossible to tell. Foobar 2000 probably has the more accurate representation based entirely on the sound you describe being in the mainstream more enjoyable, which rarely translates to accuracy.   Give wasapi a go and see how you go, in theory both methods of kernel streaming should have the same result, but so SHOULD wasapi.
You missed very average apps with desktop apps written in *****, no piblic api and missing so much music let alone so much not being available in flac. If you are going to pretend there is nothing to be improved that's fine, but there are plenty of things to be improved. I'm a subscriber because I'm giving it a few months and seeing if anything improves. Already the lists of coming soon features are looking better, and the APIs for various platforms have been hacked to...
So... A pi/ cuboxi?
I recently purchased some BS22LR and a WAY overkill class D amp from ebay, the SMSL SA-98E.   Apart from only being able to use 5% of the volume pot, i have no complaints. Gorgeous lush sound. The imaging on these is probably the best i have heard anywhere near this price point.
As an Australian whenever stuff like this is posted I get very sad
Both are "Musical" sets. Both can be used with medium quality media and still sound excellent because of it. Streaming TV etc all sounds excellent.   Definitely not analytic.
Not pi but so close it would be wrong for them to hook up, i'm using a cubox-i from solidrun using volumio from my nas. Using optical to my Bifrost and using usb from my pc, i love the ability to switch use modes with the touch of a button.
Interesting... how does this compare to foobar2000's many profiles?
Your browser and pc both have software mixers. That's a lot of rounding, the difference would likely be larger with both given a decent connection to your DAC.
waynes world literally for choice. Want to use a better app? (currently the official app is fairly aweful) Want to play back on (insert thing here that supports upnp/dlna)? How about your dedicated music playback device, whatever that is?   Currently the supported list of playback devices is pretty bleak for people who are going to be getting the most from lossless streaming. API = make our own frontends for the service out of anything existing or future, without a dime...
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