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Yeah those jbls look like they could make a sweet home theater system.
Real time kernels and near realtime kernels can help with jitter for all dac's. Asynchronous or not. At the very least it can relieve the load on the re clocking mechanism used. That said, having sufficient jitter to require a real time kernel to alleviate it would not be pretty hard on a modern machine. Ironically the USB implementation on the pi sucks and could definitely benefit from all the help it can get. A half way modern machine using alsa and the correct settings...
Most of this thread is dedicated to NOT using pulseaudio. To use pulseaudio on a default Ubuntu install you simply choose the output device from the output picker in the top right sound settings menu. That's the only step there is. What you described was setting an alsa alias for your device, which if using pulseaudio won't change your experience.
While its true getting "audiophile" audio from Linux is pretty bloody easy,some distros do have tweaks that can help with jitter for external DACs and some other things. At the end of the day anyone can install a real time kernel and criple mixing so you can get bit perfect. AP when I used it was trying to force the use of jack, which I wouldn't really call important for playback in any way.
Yeah that's the only question that matters, are you now happy with your purchases?
Hi John, there are two main places I suggest new Linux users go: As far as realtime kernels go a quick google search should shoe you which package to install. If there is any confusion feel free to pm me, or post in either of the two threads I suggested. Enjoy!
I found daphile to be superior personally, but it is a server system not a listen and work system.
A few points from my pc days and some from my audio days reworded:   1. External hard drives not in the full size 3.5inch form factor with external power will require power from your computer, power drain + spinning motor = lovely oscillating power requirements. The cpu and ram can do this all day because they have much more advanced voltage controllers.   2. Poor power supplies in computers can cause "noise" through the motherboard just by moving the mouse and having...
God they are IMO super ugly! But as someone who bought the PSB M4U1 which is IMO just as ugly i don't really care about looks. Definitely short listed, thanks for the review.
So this last week I received a very awesome gift from my girlfriend, when a pretty badly damaged box with a Schiit S on the side arrived at work. Don't worry though, not only am I sure the DAC could take a beating but Schiit don't mess around. The DAC is shipped centered in a box much larger than itself suspended by foam effectively delivering the product on a pillow you can tell they have done this before.   FYI testing has been with the O2 amplifier (the JDS labs built...
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