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I've only seen these devices on diy audio forums. Probably because of that fat Price. They had better have used a fantastic pot!
You are correct, I listed them backwards in the low volume section, but the power saving is correct. Poweramps use a bias method to switch to AB as soon as the load is too high for class A to not go full fireball, in reading it said a great class A has an efficiency of just 30%. Ouch.
It's way more complicated than I'm making it sound but: Class A always running, newer designs use Smart switching techniques to flick over to a class B stage when no draw is occuring (idle). Class A/B actually uses the class A side for amplification at lower volumes, then when the power is really needed they flick over to class AB to belt out the sound. Class D is by far the most efficient and can be left on forever drawing next to nothing, they are nearing 100%...
You can always measure to be sure, but most A/B Amps will use negligible amounts of power at idle, and smartly designed class A will "power down" when not in use to a B class type backup. In either case we are talking 1-10 Watts draw. Older Amps are known to both have no idle mode and require heating to sound their best. If it's a built in amp it should advertise somewhere about low idle consumption, no manufacturer wants their amp getting hot (not operating temp) when not...
That's true, I also feel a certain level of the genius whether one off or by design in engineering is art. As a software engineer I used to have my desktop covered in "art" which was snippets of code that solved real problems in elegant ways, regardless of usefulness outside of specific use the efficiency can be beautiful.
I'm surprised it took volumio that long to be honest, the exact same packages have been available for x86/arm all along. Not sure how I feel about wasting a whole x86 machine on single task like audio, especially given the mountain of drawbacks especially older x86 hardware has. Oh well, more power to them I guess.
I've never heard an amp that didn't sound better "modded" to bypass adjustment gear, for that reason I am in the complete opposite camp. If it has eq built in it better have a button to skip it all or a sale option that straight up leaves it all out. New school all the way.
I'm just waiting on user reviews before I send more money across the hemispheres. I will miss by bifrost uber, but I feel like it will find a good home in my home theatre system.
Upnp does lossless and is a drop in replacement.
I wouldn't take anything from the well tempered computer as the ultimate truth, a lot of it was questionable when it was released and is even worse now.
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