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Well, it runs on electricity doesn't it, which means it has to be turned on, and keeping it on burns it in. Or does it run on ozone or something?
I don't know about the Bryston but my Sennheiser amp definitely sounds richer after about a 4 or 5 hour warmup.  Most electronics offer improved performance after burn in. Some just require more burn in time than others.  Don't confuse burn-in with warm-up: burn in is initial time on after never being played. Warm up is time spent after turn on for a particular listening session. 
I prefer to hook up via RCA SPDIF whenever possible.  I think it supports all formats and speeds.
What is different? Same size driver.  Same specs.  Seems they just added some extra black paint, another cable and only raised the official list price by $200.   Amazon dumping at $1000 tells me something is up.   Bill
​As far as the HD800 S goes, I think it is just a regular HD800 with an extra balanced XLR4 cable added and some spiffier packaging. The specs are the same.  Amazon is unloading HD800 for just under $1000.  Senn us probably dumping HD800 and will in future only offer HD800S, black trim.  Same cans.   ​What the HD820 will be is anybody's guess.   Bill
​I cannot absolutely answer about the HDVA 600 as I have the HDVD800, but since they are supposed to have the same amp, I suppose what is true for one will be true of the other.  I run my Oppo 95 >HDVD800 balanced, XLR3 and > out XLR4 to HD800.  I imagine the balancing occurs in the amp itself.  I have another player, Marantz SA8005 which I run RCA unbalanced > HDVD800 and the only difference I see is the different acoustic signatures of the respective players.    The...
I don't know anything about iPhones or lightning connectors so I can't help you.  Just use whatever sounds best.   Good luck   Bill
USB 2 is the original USB type, before the USB 3 you said you didn't feel comfortable using with your iPhone.  Is your iPhone USB 3 only? USB 2 is the usual way to connect digital music devices other than SPDIF or Optical.   Bill
I think practically anything would be a better source than a cellphone.  But if you want to use your iPhone as a source Apple Lossless (ALAC) is fine as a file format, same idea as FLAC, and I would recommend USB 2connection.  Any HD would be better for home as long as you have some music management app, and a portable player, even an iPod would be better, or better yet the Onkyo DP-X1.  There are cheaper, Pioneer, a lot being introduced right now.  I have a Nuforce ICON...
Sorry, don't know about iPhones or any cellphones.  I don't even have one.  Cellphones are all MP3 aren't they?  Will an IPhone hold higher rez music files, like FLAC or WAV.  I know iTunes will handle ALAC but not FLAC.  Can an iPhone handle ALAC? I thought that was just for iPods.   All my sources are at least iPod.  Then CDs.  I am just now getting into computer audio, being forced to by acquiring this Onkyo player.  I was thinking about Astelle & Kern AK240 but too...
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