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This is the first time I'm hearing about these revisions to the Mad Dog (it's the first time I've been on headfi in a while).  I just found out there was a 3.0 and 3.2, and I was sure I had the 3.0, but then I hear about version 3.1... I fell like I'm on the HE-400 thread, haha.   I got mine on april 2nd, can someone tell me which one I have please?   Never mind, just read the newsletter someone posted a few pages back. I'll wait a few months before I think about...
I'm loving the sound signature as well. Probably "brain burn in", as some of you guys put it, but the sound seems to have gotten smoother to my ears. The sound sig is just very pleasant to listen to.
I never really got to hear that "harsh treble" I've heard so much about, haha. I really don't have any treble happy music.
I ran both headphones with an Odac and a Schiit Magni for reference. Before I got either headphone though I was listening to my HD595.   The Mad Dog's sound signature suited my new found music preferences better.  Maybe if this was a couple months back I would have preferred the HE-400 for much of my music. Bass was really important for me back then, I listened to a lot of hard rock and dubstep and all that. But over the past couple months, I went through a...
Just wanted to say thank you Dan for an excellent headphone. The Mad Dog is the winner for me, the hE-400 is going back.
Oh my... I know people keep bragging about how comfortable these are but... damn. These things feel ludicrous in comparison to the HE-400s.  After lounging around in despair in not being able to decide between the hE-400 or the Mad Dogs, I finally decided to take the plunge and get both to compare them for myself.  I've had the HE-400's for the past 6 days, and now have the mad dogs today.  Got here quicker than I thought,  ordered on Saturday.  I'm not quick to judge,...
I don't actually look for music, I kinda just stumble across all my music on tunes.io. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a site that generates a random playlist of music every day. The tracks on there are always a mix of genres, anything from rap to classical, and 80% of the time the tracks on there are 320 bit mp3's or higher. It's weird, but I always end up liking like half the songs in the playlist, haha.  It's actually the site that got me interested...
Nice review ruleof72, and that was your impressions without the magni amp huh?  And thanx to those who replied to my previous question.  It seems like every headphone I'm looking at has one flaw that makes it a dealbreaker for me, lol.  The HE-400's drop in the upper mids, the HD650's lack of bass extention, and the Mad Dog's being a closed back headphone (probably the less serious flaw out of the three).
Anyone think the mad dog sounds closed in and lacking air because of it's closed back design (compared to open headphones)?
Good to know.  Thank you for the reply. 
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