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Thanks! I figured the bass wouldn't extend nearly as far as it looks like it would. Those pads look too big to make a good enough seal. I guess I'm gonna bite the bullet and get the l300 or 950 as soon as I sell off some more items. Unrelated question, I read about staxusa not being the dealer in the US anymore. Does anyone know if Headamp offers a valid US warranty for them and/or ship them with a U.S. transformer? Just thought I'd ask before i contact them.
Hey music alchemist, did you ever find the 207 fatiguing in any way? At least in comparison with the esp950 anyway. I started seriously looking at the esp the other day after seeing its graph; it looks marvellous... Then again I too have learned not to always trust frequency graphs.
Just wanted to pop in here inform anyone looking for one; I'm selling my he-400 over at the for sale sub-forum. Check out the listing on my profile if interested.
**SOLD!** A pair of the good old HE-400's. One of my babies for years. Even so, they're still kicking just fine. Sound is still awesome, however subjective as that statement may be. Everything about these. with the exception of the velour ear pads, is the same as the first day I got them. Never done any modifications or opened them up.    Condition: I am the only owner. I think the condition these are in is fairly good for as long as I had them. As you can see in the...
Thanks for the advice, I'll look into that.
Thanks for that! I gotta do more research to make sure, but from what I read i really have to try them out. I would have to sell the Audeze to do this. Trying to sell some stuff now to build some experience/reputation so I can comfortably sell them on here!
If you don't mind elaborating, what improvements were you hearing between the lcd x and the 207's? Only asking because I haven't read anyone explicitly compare the two directly after all my searching. I really like certain elements of the lcd x's sound, but it's sound signature makes me want to bump up the volume a little too much past a comfortable listening level. 
Anyone here own or heard the lcd x and the stax l300? I'm hearing so many good things about the l300 (and stax in general), wondering if it's worth selling my lcd x and giving them a whirl. 
**Edit: Price Drop $120 $110   Hi everyone! Wanted to try my luck at selling some equipment on here. For sale is a little-over-a-week old Aune B1 portable class-a amp. Note that this is not the 2016 version with better gain for use with sensitive IEM's.   Reason for sale: I just bought it over a week ago as stated, but turns out it's not suitable for my uses (tried using it like a desktop amp). I don't like returning things unless their's a problem with the product,...
This is the first time I'm hearing about these revisions to the Mad Dog (it's the first time I've been on headfi in a while).  I just found out there was a 3.0 and 3.2, and I was sure I had the 3.0, but then I hear about version 3.1... I fell like I'm on the HE-400 thread, haha.   I got mine on april 2nd, can someone tell me which one I have please?   Never mind, just read the newsletter someone posted a few pages back. I'll wait a few months before I think about...
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