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Can someone get me some advice on this matter?
I think I understand what you mean. Corrections: PSRR is for op amps, I actually meant Ripple Rejection for LDO's, the LDO I used is LM2941T. I meant hear it in the headphone. I don't own expensive equipments like Spectrum Analyser etc. Therefore I have to rely on college electronics theories, datasheets, googling, my ears and of course this forum.
To Tangent,   Thank you a lot. Your answer(s) clarifies my doubts. They are well thought out and opinions well supported. With it as the reference let me draw my own conclusion on this subject, correct me if I am wrong: A well informed (audio) design engineer knows what he is doing. It's just the scale of production (or something else) decides which one, switching or linear, to use. A well designed and manufactured device with SMPS should be OK to use, only that if...
To all, Thank you for all your answers. I know it's a broad question, that's why I posted here to get the answers. I have asked many friends and classmates, they all said that even the big brands are using switching P/S, it must be OK. I think the answer depends on how "deep" you are in audio. But for engineering, it's actually a compromise, as the weight of an EI core transformer scales up heftily with it's capacity, especially for Class A amps, the air shipping cost...
I am designing/DIYing a headphone amp. It has a LDO regulator which has lower PSRR than regular regulators, can it effectively filter out the broadband switching noise generated by switching P/S?
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