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About to buy one of these guys, either the O2+ODAC or Schiit Modi/Magni.   Leaning towards Schiit because of the DC plug being on the back and price being somewhat lower. Can anyone tell me whether one combo would be better over the other for reasons that I didn't list above?
Hey guys,   I've looked around, and followed pretty much the steps for thee SL-1200's. My main concern is that when I cut the connectors off my new RCA cables, there are 2 conductors in addition to the drain wire that is located outside of the jacket. From what I can tell, there was a single conductor and a drain wire in place with the original cables.   One cable is Red/Orange and the other is Black/Brown. Question is, do I have the wrong cables or do I solder...
Any other suggestion? Would like to go ahead and get something that I don't need to upgrade for a long time. Also, would really like over the ear cans, as I find them much more comfortable.   It wouldn't break my heart to spend 1000 bucks on headphones/amp/dac.
I need some headphones good for the following:   Genres: Classic Rock, 90's Rock, Alternative, Grunge, 70's Rock.   Was looking at spending 300 on HD600's from Razordog, but I'm open to other suggestions. I tried to find a reason to get the HE400's but I'm not sure about the sound, and also it looks like I'd want to do some mods to them (ear cups), which I'd like to avoid if at all possible since this will be my first foray into Head-Fi gear.   If you want to...
Please excuse my being new. I found that website, and then cross referenced with pricing from Sennheisers online authorized dealers webpage. I saw razordogdeals but didn't run into the coupon codes. Thanks a lot.
https://www.digikingdom.com/store/sennheiser-hd600-headphone?currency=usd&gclid=CKWNjLamyrUCFUXf4Aod_FQADg#.USeX_PL0fIQ   If this site has any reputation at all, I'd imagine this is a pretty fantastic deal. I've personally never seen the HD 600's lower than 400. If anyone knows anything about this site, or can vouch having used it, please let us know. I'd like to grab a pair if its going to be safe.   Google search didn't turn up much of anything.
New here guys, first post. Not a huge audiophile by any means, but I really do appreciate quality sound. History: Bought a 5.1 HTIB when I went to college. Just upgraded to a 5.1 Definitive technology system (BP8040 towers, 8040 Center, 8040 surrounds). Really like the system, but I understand and can still identify better quality sound. Spent some time in Minnesota at the Bosch facility that produces the EV speakers that are used by the Dallas Cowboys, Kenney...
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