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I don't know how to PM, do you still have them?? thank you
Lets see, $420 + $250 reshelling(w/artwork or nice caps) = $670, or a NEW pair of 1964 -V6's = $650, I'll think about it.
Latest pricing from Fisher/Inearz Audio: From stock buds - $95.00, From already customized buds - $150.00, 2nd day shipping - $16.50, Colors - $35.00, With their cable - $35.00. So basically if you buy someones custom IEM's, to get them re-shelled your lookin at $150.00, if ya gotta have color $35.00 and ya want 2nd day shipping $16.50( min is $9.50 for ground) useing your own cables, duh, your min is $159.50 for clear to  $201.50 for colored with 2nd Day shipping! So they...
I had Rob at inearcustom re-shell 3 pairs for me, UE triple-fi's, UE 900's and JH5's. He did an excellent job and there is no comparison with universal's to custom fitted.Not to mention way less hassel, once thier in, thier in! You wont find a better deal on re-shelling anywhere period. Only downside is that inearcustom doesnt offer alot of specialty artwork. But who wants to pay $100 bucks for carbon fiber or brushed metal anyway. Trust me, wherever you decide to go to...
I like the deal, only problem is, re-shelling them through UM starts at $169, and they take forever, forever meaning between 45 and 60 days if your lucky. Plus side is they do excellent work. I was wondering if they give some kind of a price break since its thier product? do you know?
I curious, can ya give me a call?, you have to PM me, due to noobage rules, I reached my PM limit of 2 today already,thanks for your time, theo! 
off the top of your head, what do ya think he charges to re-shell them? This is the original guy that started it all correct? Thanks for your time, theo!
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