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Good job!
I too feel your unit is defective. Just return them, get a replacement (or refund, if you like to go for other cans)
Yep mate, I reckon opening up headphones may void their warranty, and there will no significant changes in sonic changes after burn in, just that your ears and brain will be accustomed to its sound signature.     So, cutting across all complications, why dont you just return it and get a replacement (or buy a HM5)?  (since we cannot do any DIY due to warranty issues)
Okay, let me try my best to help you out mate,     First of all, I assume:   1) These headphones are 'burnt in' for sufficient time.   2) There are no issues with cables/ sound system/ or the sound tracks.     I have a DIY solution which might solve your issue:   > Disconnect cables, remove the headphone drivers from the yokes,   > Remove the ear pads, unscrew the ear cups,   > You will have access to drivers now: Gently blow air to the backside of drivers...
 Brunei, eh 
Thank you mate! You are right about the width, its not very wide, but I am pretty sure, soundstage depth is very good. I even had another detailed listen upon your comment. I feel the soundstage in overall is spacious, and not at all narrow. I assume, maybe due to hardware/firmware updates or other variations, we are hearing slightly different sonic outputs?
QA360 is an impressive DAP indeed, Good job by QLS.   I have just written my views about QA360 in my review,     Any questions, do ask me, Ill try my best to answer you guys.       
Just select "Click here to track worldwide post carrier shipment"   and enter your tracking number and then click track.
Mate, Thats a status from Singapore Post. Their tracking ends at this point, for further information, track from this website:
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