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Price drop : 279$ Shipped.
Price drop at 299$, included worldwide shipping!   Come on guys, this a good deal
Hi guys,   Up for sale is an Brand New Head n HiFi O2/ODAC Full Mod, arrived by mail yesterday.   Included is : Everything that came with the package.   1) O2/ODAC full mod 2) GEZ AC Adapter [220V EU plug] 3) Monoprice USB Cable 4) Rubber feet   For Paypal, add tax and worldwide shipping is Free!   Price reduced to 279$!   Thanks  
Keep T1 and 600 and let go of 700 and 880
Took a leap of Faith.     Ordered Crack
Is only crack with no dac and no speedball okay for now? With HPA2 I will  get the free internal DAC.  In which of the two amps is soundstage bigger? by a greater margin? Crack retains the clarity of the M stage amp? Crack amp is 330$ shipped and M stage HPA2 USB is 320$ shipped 
come on guys please help me out   I am waiting to order now.
Guys,   I have finally shortlisted an amp for my beloved HD600.   Should it be : Matrix M stage HPA2  or Bottlehead Crack.   I love transparent, airy with large soundstage. Which of these does it better?     This is the Last stop for me
Hi! I had X3 DAP+ O2 + HD600 at a point of time. I can say that, when I bring O2 amp into picture, soundstage + Imaging + details + clarity  increases Directly out of X3, Even though it has good amount of power in high gain, I was not happy with this setup as it sounded  narrow and congested. C5 is said to be similar to O2 in sound signature, but its output power is lesser compared to O2 amp.
Thanks, I bought an used crack kit which is broken. Repair part costs 100$+  according to Doc.  Can please anybody confirm Android smartphone works with NFB? no info about that, anywhere.
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