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Oh Im sorry, I did not compare the difference between WAV and DFF files.
Of course not, Why to convert from WAV to DFF, when files are already in DFF?
Pardon me,   I meant the V1.4, not V1.3, had updated earlier.
Latest FW V1.3 on QA360 and Latest FW V5 on PAW Gold.
Yep,   There were a few high quality Chinese songs in DFF format provided with QA360, using those files, I have compared playback in both of them and obviously, result was PAW Gold audibly provided better SQ (as expected)
Sure mate,   QA360: Transparent, detailed, neutral with a touch of naturalness. It never sounds artificial, poor recordings are just partially exposed. Very much enjoyable for music listening.   PAW Gold: Highly detailed, very transparent & resolving, neutral with a touch of warmness. This will result in a reference presentation: A Top Of The Line SQ. But drawback is that, one may never be able to easily enjoy music, poor recordings will be thrashed out and sheer...
Let me elaborate,   Definitely about 85% of Lotoo PAW Gold SQ, without a second thought.   On function part, QA360 actually has better functions (Than PAW Gold) in few areas:   User Interface: Quick, Fast, Reliable and customize-able Digital outs: Coax and Optical   Remote control: Present
 I have to say QA360 has got be the world's most under-estimated DAP. Yep, Clark is an amazing engineer. I am at a loss to understand, why people are not willing to look at the QA360-way. QA360 way ahead of X5, DX90 and all the crap. QA360 is no a BS DAP.  QA360 comfortably compares in every area with Lotoo PAW Gold, a 2000$ TOTL DAP. It has has approximately 85% of performance of PAW Gold.  I am absolutely in love with the QA360. Its something special.
 Well said mate, Its just that all major brands perform heavy marketing and advertising to gain spotlights and followings, but in real, most of their DAP's are over-priced or under-performing.  After more than two months of using QA360, I can say its an engineering marvel, and Its damn reliable. It's features, build and sound quality are amongst the finest available.  I will cherish it for a long time to come.
Good job!
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