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I just tried to remove the foam behind the driver, it seems like it's glued stuck there and i don't feel like destroying the foam. Guess i'll skip this mod... it's too bad the link from apuresound doesnt describe what are the main changes from doing this mod..
This sounds interesting, i have been been using the HD650's (old version) without the foam for some time and i quite like it. I wonder what changes does removing the foam behind the driver will lead to too..
Ermm.. please do not bend the headband as it will lead to the paint flaking off at the center, which was what happened to my pair. Bend the metal part connecting the headband and the earcups instead, the results are much better and i finally don't get clamped to the point of having headaches anymore.
I owned a pair of K240s for quite some time, and i was unsatisfied with the amount of details i was getting after i got myself a pair of HD650. At first i tried taking out the foams but then it got rather fatiguing after long periouds of listening. Then i had a chance to lend a silver cable (diy'ed) of my friend which he used for his K271 and immediately i was hooked! I've already recabled my 650 to Zu and now i'm saving up to get another zu for my K240s Oh well, just...
You could either DIY one yourself or get someone else to do it for you, or else there's always the Zu cable for AKG series..
Try throwing in some silver cable to the 240s if u ever get it. U'll be in for a surprise
Hi guys, i've tried plugging in the HD650 into my old NAD 304 intergrated amp. Feel that my SR-71 loses out to it... just my personal opinion
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