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Sometimes it's the source like a bad sound card or something. Try to plug it into something else and see if the problem still persists. I know that had happened to one of my friend when she bought her new headphone home and complained that the sound was constantly louder on one side.. turns out it only happens on her old home pc which runs onboard sound... 
I just tried out the Westone 4 and Phonak Audeo 132 in a store just today. I ended up walking away with the 132, the Westone 4 has a suckout on the upper mid/lower hi region which absolutely rendered some female vocals unlistenable. Shame that had to happen as I really liked the Westone 4's smoothness and detail. The Phonak Audeo 132 on the other hand is a pretty great analytical phone which is absolutely awesome for classical music, if tone colour reproduction is what...
Well i'm a new owner as well. It only took 3 days to arrive in my country, but then again I live in south east asia so it's closer to China. 
Hey guys i just bought the Little Dot Mk IV SE and i see all this raving over the voshkod 6ZH1P-EV. Just wondering how big of an improvement it is over the stock CV4010, anyone can drop any comments?
Stunningly beautiful!!!
  Do you have balanced headphones? If so, which ones?  None so far.   If not, are you looking at balanced headphones or a balanced amp in the future? Am waiting for the right balanced amp to appear before i covert my HD650 to balanced.   For balanced headphone output, how important is it to have dual three-pin XLRs as well as a 4-pin XLR? I'll take both if possible, but 4 pin XLR if i only have one choice.   For a balanced amp, how important is it to...
Wow way to go MP4Nation! Merry Christmas everybody!
Well I'm familiar only with my zu mobius cable so i can't speak for the other cable types but to me i think that the Zu cable brightens up the recordings overall and increases instrument separation and detail while tightening the bass somewhat (less bass body, more definition). Downside is that vocals could start to sound a bit grainy and it'll definitely sound over-bright for long listening sessions.. to deal with that i've stretched a thin layer of pantyhose over the...
Thanks Cpyder for the tips. I finally managed to remove the foam behind the drivers! A brief listen seems to indicate that there's more details in the highs (especially sensitive on crackles and hiss on recordings).. as i already have a zu mobius cable which already brightens up the sound i think that it's too much of a good thing. Thankfully the mod is somewhat reversible..
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