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I just got my Telefunken 6AK5W tubes a day ago and i think they have similar traits to the voskhod 6J1P-EV tubes, but granted they are not burned in yet i can't give the verdict over which is the better tube so far. So far my initial impressions for the Telefunken 6AK5W are detailed, bright, slightly recessed mids and very good bass. The bass part is where it outshines my 60+ hour burn in 6J1P-EV so far.   How do you guys do burn in your tubes faster? I'm kinda...
I bookmarked that link when mordy posted it quite some time ago. And yeah after going through all the little dot threads that i only know that i should look for the original russian wordings and not the translations of it to get the good and cheap stuff! So i guess i do owe everyone who's been organizing and sharing all these info a long overdue thanks as well.   Tube rolling can be obsessive.. i've already have another 2-3 different tubes on the ebay cart.. must...
Try this link.
Thanks for the info, i've given them around 4-5 hours of play time and probably some adjustment on my ears i think i can live with them after all. They work much better as a pre amp now due to cleaner bass and more solid highs!
I just got a pair of gold-platinum grid with gold pins 6J1P-EV made in 1977. Still on the first hour of burn in but i have to say it sounds much brighter than my CV4010s, almost solid state like..  I'm wondering if this is the way it is meant to sound or further burn in will alter the character of the sound? I'm missing   the warmth of the CV4010s already.. 
Store it in an airtight box with some charcoal or dry tea leaves and leave them overnight. I think that's what my friend does for odd smells on items, seems to work for him. 
Nope it's on the stock tubes CV4010
If you like your bass solidly in control, the Little Dot Mk IV doesn't really do wonders in that department, but for everything else i have no complaints really with it driving my KRK RP5s.
If you are willing to try out the cable route, imo silver cables does manage to brighten up the HD650, but only very slightly.. for some people they rather save the money towards a better source or amp. I have the Little Dot Mk IV SE and while it has the wonderful tube sound on the mids, it doesn't really emphasize the highs i think. Fast way to get highs is to just de-foam it but i think it messes with the overall sound balance too. 
Wow so I guess I wasn't the only one who found fault in the T1's bass separation, I didn't notice the spike in the treble though. Thanks for the informative review!
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