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Is there the possibility that there's a Sylvania JAN 5654 black plate with no W, because that's what my latest ebay purchase seller described it as. 
Good info, thanks for sharing this!
Acapella 11,   Am using the stock Electro Harmonix 6H30Pi Gold tubes that came with my Mk IV SE. Seems like it should be the best value option around so i don't think i'm gonna roll that to the DR tubes.
Sounds like the Sylvania JAN 5654W is something i gotta try out next. I have the Telefunken 6AK5W but from your description it looks like it's similar sounding to the GE JAN 5654W, albeit with more bass presence. Instruments and voices really seem to pop out from the space around me the bass is really punchy! Only downside to me is that it sounds slightly brighter on the top end and i'm trying to find something that retains the quality of the telefunkens while not being...
If you're not ready to explore with tube swapping, sticking to solid state amps should be relatively safer. On the other hand once I've tried going tubes for my HD650 my M3 has been left alone for quite some time, but of course that was not before i tried out a bunch of tubes before i found what i wanted :)
Definitely of interest to me!
KL branch, i havent been to the penang branch before. 
Yeap, indeed. Great place to hang out!   Very true. Hoping to be able to make up my mind once and for all after i try out the HD700... 
I did demo the HD800 for a few hours, but i was left with a very mixed feeling. On one hand the detail retrieval from the treble right down to the bass is so clean and well defined. On the other hand i felt that i just didn't click with the sound signature of the HD800. Waiting impatiently to get a chance to listen to the HD700 as soon as it hits my country.. 
Reading this makes me feel like not going for the HD700/800 and just get a grado/alesandro if i want to get my ears pierced with treble. But then there's the soundstage issue to contend with.. ahh decisions decisions... 
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