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Without actually listening to the phones i guess it'll be hard for others to guess what the actual problem is. My uneducated guess is that it's either a bad headphone jack or else it should be the drivers as i can't think of any other issues that might cause this change. Perhaps some other knowledgable guy can offer a different point of view.
Did u mean channel volume imbalance? I suppose you could try measuring both sides with a SPL meter using a mono source.. or else you could try listening to it with a mono source and try swapping Left and Right on your head and see if the center image shifts in particular to one side or not.
If fuse is intact, try wiggling/replugging the power cord connector. I had a false alarm once when i thought the amp was dead, turns out to be a bad connection at the power cord. 
Not sure about the E10 but i do have a little dot Mk IV SE and the HD650. Did u try tube rolling already? I found that rolling different tubes really changes the whole sound presentation in ways i never thought possible before. If rolling in a 10 dollar pair of tubes get u the sound you want, you'll be able to stick to the HD650 route, unless you wana try out different phones.    Link to tube rolling thread for little...
A quick google gave me this:      12AT7 / ECC81 12AT7's have a lower voltage gain than 12AX7's.  They have a higher plate current and transconductance, making it popular for guitarists who want cleaner headroom, and lower the gain in their amp. 12AT7's are also great for hi-fi applications that need a quieter tube in their circuit.  ECC81 is the European equivalent. 12AT7's can replace your 12AX7 or 5751 for lower gain. 12AT7's can replace 12AY7 if...
Thanks mordy and Acapella 11. I guess since i already have the 6H30Pi tubes as the stock tubes on my LD Mk IV SE i shall only consider swapping power tubes if i exhaust driver tubes options.  Speaking of burn in. I stopped keeping tabs on my Telefunken 6AK5W after 200 hours of hoping that they would tame down the top end so it was a surprise when i swapped out my RCA black plate 5654 and popped them in for a friend of mine to listen to when he came over my house and...
Hi Mordy, just wondering if you have compared the 6N6P power tubes with the 6H30Pi and if you have, is there any other difference aside from sounding darker? From what i gathered in the thread i concluded that 1) 6H30Pi should be the best sounding power tube (putting aside the DR tubes) and 2) power tubes doesn't effect the overall sound too much. I'm wondering if my reasoning correct or that it changes with different tube combinations. Thanks a bunch!
It's funny since i bought my Sylvania JAN5654 from him, i never thought of asking him if he has any of the W versions though i suppose that can wait till i have tried out the non-W version first. I'm still pretty much trying to find the darkest sounding tube within the 5654 family. 
My Sylvania JAN 5654s wont arrive until a week later, hopefully they'll turn out nice enough. In the meantime still hunting for a pair of 5654 W version.. seems abit pricey for me at this point, if ebay fails to turn up any 5654W tubes then only i'll purchase them from that site.
Thanks for your insights! I guess this means that the tube hunting shall continue for now.. sticking to the RCA's 5654 for now till my Sylvania JAN 5654 arrives :)
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