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Being a previous owner of the Denon AH-D2000, V Moda M100 and Sennheiser Momentum (full size), I picked these up to try in a store yesterday. I was absolutely amazed by them, walked out with a pair minutes later. Then I read reviews and read their specs afterwards only to find their ear cups were magnetic with the option to remove the treble filters on each ear cup. As much as I adored the sound already, it dramatically opened up and became crisp. After getting rid of the...
For anyone interested in buying these from the land down under, here is confirmation from Sennheiser diectly: These exciting headphones will be available in Australia towards the end of April. The HD8’s will have a recommended retail price of $499.95.
Not too blooming obvious. I have now kept these at home as they wobble off my head with the headband extended. I take my Momentums on the road instead
[quote name="Shoulon" url="/t/627587/sennheiser-momentum-review/2880#post_1021Anyone have any tips to improve comfort? these hurt my ears so much. Whatever Quality control guy approved these must of got fired because the size of the "Over-Ear" editions, are fairly not over ear. I have a small head with kinda small ears imo. so these earcups are just why? Not trying to stereotype or anything but don't germans usually have more developed and larger ears than the common...
For all those that commented about the headband discomfort issues, I am now using them with a more extended headband and it has fixed my issue. The cans are staying put which makes this a feasible solution. Sliding the headband forward or backward didn't do it for me.
Glad I'm not alone. Don't get me wrong, I treat my cans with care too, they are in pristine condition, but this is obviously their point of failure. Even worse, they are adopting this same mechanism in their new line just announced. Surely the returns they are receiving should have woken them up. Their mistake for using a special plug. They should have done what V-Moda did, standard plug and connection.
I will give that a go, seems like a simple enough solution, was just worried about them sliding off my head. Still curious to see if anyone else feels this pain or whether I just have an extra sensitive head.
See my last response.
I am on to my 3rd pair with the same issue. The fact is the locking mechanism starts losing it's ability to maintain the lock in place, the cable moves and over time, static starts appearing with movement. I love these cans and can't bring myself to replacing them with something completely different for portable use.
Different topic. I don't think I've seen this mentioned once. The P7's are sufficiently padded on the headband but because it's firm, it is causing me some pain on top of my head. Has anyone else experienced this and if yes, how did you alleviate the problem. Take note that I have no issues with the ear pads themselves or the pressure they now apply.
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