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If streaming is important for you, I hear the Fiio X7 pairs equally well. More expensive than the X3II obviously so it all depends on your budget.
Can't wait to try them. A place here in Sydney has them. Thanks for the tip off
Never came across those before. Just looked them up, they look nice, even though I like the look of the wooden earcups of the Denon, and in my case, I have no comfort issues.
I auditioned the Nighthawk for about 15 minutes a few months ago. Paired with my Fiio X3II, their sound strongly resembled that of the Denon. I couldn't do an A/B comparison though as I had my Marshall Monitors on me at the time. I actually liked them but couldn't justify the price difference. Maybe I needed a more upmarket DAC/DAP to fully appreciate their full potential.
I pair my Denon with the Fiio X3II and the treble is spot on, even without any equaliser. If I use it with any of the smartphones we have at home, being a Sony Xperia Z2 or Huawei Mate 7, then it's a little too bright for my liking. So getting the right source is key. What are you using?
Glad you're enjoying them
Interesting to know. Thanks for confirming.
My question is around the fact these newer phones and chargers support fast charging. If my mobile device with a much larger battery gets very warm when using this type of charger, whether I posed a risk to the player. Based on all the responses, I guess not. Thanks all.
I managed to charge my X3II for about 20 minutes with this charger inadvertently, at which point I realised and immediately disconnected. I have no idea whether I could have done any damage to the battery or internals with it. My Huawei Mate 7, with obviously a much larger battery, runs very warm as it is charged with this charger, so I expected the Fiio battery to explode or get damaged having did what I did. The thing seemed to have powered up normally so can't tell...
Better late than never
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