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This looks stunning. Can't wait to try it.
They do genres really well. Very underrated cans. Enjoy
I used to own the M100. I personally found them uncomfortable. I forget i am wearing the MM400s. I also think the sound of the MM400 is a step up with more transparency. I think both handle bass well with it being impactful and fast acting. The MM400s are more premium feeling, however both well constructed, even though I would say the M100 could take more of a beating.
Don't know what's up with repeat posts from me. I only ever hit reply once. Sorry all!
Sounds about right. I would use a portable music player/amp or PC rather than a TV.
Yes it does but i would say it does it with more authority than the D5000 series.
I would definitely take the Denons. The Sonys were pretty mediocre to me for some reason.
I've heard both and the MM400s were more my taste.
Yep fair enough. I personally haven't heard too many changes after ~100 hours.
Around 100 hours. Broke them in by listening to them normally at average volumes, a few hours a day for about a month. Don't stress. The drivers in the demo unit you heard are the same as in the ones you bought. One pair heavily used, yours, new.
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