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All good, can't wait to see it.
Thanks for the call out @Hawaiibadboy. Considering we live on opposite sides of the planet, it is pretty impressive team work. Glad some of my feedback helped get your theme where you wanted it to be.Was thinking about the start up animation. All I could envisage that would perfectly suit your theme would be an elegant pair of lit up speakers in motion with nothing but them in view, accompanied by your existing "Hifi".Also, been using your theme for a while now and the...
Anytime @Hawaiibadboy. It is very easy to provide feedback. Much harder to do the work itself, so kudos to you and all the modders for doing the hard yards.
All your themes look refined enough to me, very professional and meticulous in fact. My only feedback for most of your themes is around readability, and I say this without having any vision related issues myself. For example, I love the Oxygen theme, however I think the active option selected in the main menu or otherwise is hard to decipher. Also the fact that the main menu item that is selected in the main menu is unhighlighted seems to be the reverse of what one would...
Just downloaded and installed the latest and greatest. Perfecto!...the image you modified is exactly the one i was referring to. Bring on the new start up animation, a nice to have, takes nothing away from your theme! Well done and thanks again Sir :)
I'm not having any issues installing his theme. Worked with me first go. Have you tried re-downloading his theme in case you managed to get a corrupt version somehow?
OK, so had a deeper dive. One thing I noticed is that there is one image you used twice, once in the Browse Files main menu, the other for the Now Playing screen where there is no artwork. I would personally suggest the one for the latter is modified to something different, maybe a piano or something. Benefit of segregating is a user like me who is now establishing where I am at based on images will be able to tell without potential for confusion. Hope I am making sense.
So you've taken something I was wanting to see with your theme and executed it in an even more creative manner; a main menu whose current selection is matched by the corresponding background image. Genius! I have only started the theme up now so have not given it a good test run in case there are any bugs. If I find any, I will let you know. Thanks again, that is the theme I am sticking with!
All good, thanks for taking the time to have a read and respond. I'm not in a hurry by any means and all my points are just suggestions and nice to haves. Thanks for your hard work.
Likewise, thanks for taking my feedback in good stride. Like where you're going with the rest, looking forward to the next iteration
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