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Not at all, all good All was fully and properly connected at the time, so I would have to agree some sort of cable fault. I am glad the excess bass in the right ear cup didn't actually damage the driver. If another repeat happens, I am reverting to a different cable for good. Thanks for your feedback.
The faulty cable is the Denon straight-through one. I haven't experienced issues with the other ones, including the 3rd party one I purchased, but then again, I haven't used them as much. EDIT: By the way, just to clarify, by distortion, I was referring to a bass in the right earcup that sounded like the drivers had ripped. Just thought I would point that out.
Ok, thanks for confirming. Those headphones have been treated with care, cable included, so I have no idea why it would be on its way out already.
Any opinions on this gang? I have had no repeats but I'm still curious.
Agree, whether this was workmanship or natural imperfections, this piece of wood should not have made it into a final product. That many replacements would put me off the brand personally, which I find tough to say given that I've a had a good track record with Denon, and it's no secret I'm fond of their latest too.
I decided to look at the pics on my PC this time. To me that's unacceptable. I would return them. If this is a store you can visit in person, open the replacements in store this time and confirm you are happy with them before you leave.
Hard to tell from the pics. If it's unevenness, I would personally keep it given it's natural wood. If it's a deep chip in the wood, or a chunk of the wood is missing, then return it.
So was listening to my AH-MM400 earlier today at normal levels. Finished with them and put them down. Picked them up again in the evening, again listening to them at normal volume and noticed a strong distortion out of the right earcup. I changed from YouTube to my Music app on the phone. The distortion was still there. Changed the source to the X5, the distortion didn't go away. I thought it might be the cable playing up, so I half unplugged it from the earcup, put it...
Wow, Denon is usually much better than that with their quality control. Maybe a bad batch. I've owned 4 Denon headphones to date and none have had such issues. My mm400 has the rattling issue but it is as innocent as a slight loose hinge.
Volume should be balanced between both earcups. Ensure the cable is probably inserted into the left earcup and if that doesn't work, try the alternative cable in the box. If that doesn't work, get someone else to try the cans in case it is your hearing Jokes aside, I recently caught the flu and thought the cans became faulty as the left side seemed distant until my ears popped and all was back to normal
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