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Sorry for the delayed reply. Not yet. Dealing with a 3 year old and 6 month old at home. Any form of TV watching or music listening is on hold for now.
They will stretch over time. I have no comfort issues with them, considering they mostly sit on the ear in my case.
I have never heard anything from Stax which is why I was checking about the Denons. I considered purchasing these this morning given their price point but AliExpress isn't getting the best of reviews, especially with suppliers not sending products and people not being able to get refunds. I might wait till they're available from a more reliable source.
I just looked up the BossHifi. Damn those look stunning. Even thicker earpads than the Denons. Your sound impressions are relative to the Denon or is it just the looks they have in common? If these are the real deal, then they're a bargain!
If streaming is important for you, I hear the Fiio X7 pairs equally well. More expensive than the X3II obviously so it all depends on your budget.
Can't wait to try them. A place here in Sydney has them. Thanks for the tip off
Never came across those before. Just looked them up, they look nice, even though I like the look of the wooden earcups of the Denon, and in my case, I have no comfort issues.
I auditioned the Nighthawk for about 15 minutes a few months ago. Paired with my Fiio X3II, their sound strongly resembled that of the Denon. I couldn't do an A/B comparison though as I had my Marshall Monitors on me at the time. I actually liked them but couldn't justify the price difference. Maybe I needed a more upmarket DAC/DAP to fully appreciate their full potential.
I pair my Denon with the Fiio X3II and the treble is spot on, even without any equaliser. If I use it with any of the smartphones we have at home, being a Sony Xperia Z2 or Huawei Mate 7, then it's a little too bright for my liking. So getting the right source is key. What are you using?
Glad you're enjoying them
New Posts  All Forums: