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I just got my ANV and I actually happen to really like it. Maybe it's signature isn't for everyone but I like it's technical performance, especially for it's price.
I have and love the KZ-GR, but I was wondering if there was any other iems from KZ that are better at detail retrieval and have better PRaT (I was looking at the GK-ANV, KZ-CM9, and the KZ-ES? Or am I better off getting a TTPOD T1? 
Apex Cloud   Because it's right up there with the mountains, but it isn't a mountain (it isn't a flagship I'm guessing), and since it's design is different from conventional shape, I think Cloud is suitable.
Ordered a KZ-GR a little while back, it should come in tomorrow. I'm expecting great things c:
Im actually doing most of my in home listening with an MDR-F1, but These are still the portables to beat meng
Im back, I went nearly a semester without the Logans powering me through BUT THEY'RE FIXED, AND NOW I CAN DO MY FINALS IN PEACE
Saw skullcandy aviators and sennheiser momentums
 Unfortunately I haven't, but I am a little curious. I think it will be pretty hard to beat the F1
I didnt want to take a full picture, my desk looks like a mess LOL
Lol nope, a reasonable guess though. Thats actually my mouse, that I will be replacing eventually.
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