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Will I be able to install Rockbox on this?
Same thing happened with my JDS Labs O2 a couple of days ago. Turns out I hadn't plugged the power adapter in fully and the battery had completely drained.
Would like to give JRiver another go, using Musichi Suite at the moment, the UI is not great at present, hope it gets updated in time, it's got some very good tagging functionailIty built into it esp. for classical, There's a free one month trial here
 Hi,I am waiting on delivery of a 'Sabre Tiny USB DAC', I plan to use it with a 2012 unrooted Nexus 7 + UAPP. I'll update once I've received the unit and confirmed it works if that's any help to you.
I own JDS Labs CmoyBB, O2 & ODAC. Was considering picking up a C5D. I still hope to buy one once it comes back on the market. To me JDS Labs stands for high quality products at a competitive price. So I've no doubt it's still going to be a top quality product once this issue is ironed out.
Currently got Miles Davis 'In A Silent Way' on. I've heard this album countless times before but I don't think I heard Dave Hollands bass in quite the same way that my SR325 presents it.
Owner of Grado SR325is, SN #12478. Purchased these last summer and they just haven't been used enough. Plan for the next month is to do the majority of my listening with these and get to 100 hours plus on them.
Thanks for the reply to my query. Given me another reason to try the HD600s.a
Last summer I purchased an Akg Q701 as my first high end headphone. Also got an Odac & O2 amp around the same time. Although technically a great headphone I just feel like I'm not enjoying the music as much as I should be. Where do I go from here. Are there any disappointed q701 owners here who made the transition to the hd600 and never looked back.
BADBADNOTGOD describe themselves as a post-bop, instrumental hip hop jazz trio. They've made their second album available as a free download in a variety of formats  up to 24/96 at their website   Thanks to everyone else for the shared links so far. Got some Giant Sand to download right now...
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