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Wow...a real geography lesson...:-\
Defo....hence why I asked about th900 comparison...glad Mike loves these he can do a pros and cons...we all love a pros and cons list right!? :-)
The lack of bass extension in the el8 is a concern in comparison to what is a relatively neutral phone in the alpha....our maybe this is just the owner of a th900 being worried? I don't need all the bass and sub bass of the th900...but 80% would be nice :-)
What did your cake upgrade bring to your phones, compared to original?
Need more comments and impressions on both the open and closed EL8's from Audeze....surely a very important headphone to a wider audience!?
Tell me more of this cable and cost and does it really change the th900 so much for the better? P.s.agree with slightly fragile feel where the cup meets the band!
I agree...easily the best closed back high end phone off minimal amplification...very little difference straight out of my C4 compared to Burson Conductor!!
I can't believe no one is concentrating on the th900 biggest strength in comparison to LCD 3 (which I love)...its bass! This confidence low down and high up gives it tremendous energy and enjoyment when listening. With a little eq to the mid and wow!
Well let's just hope it's so easy they actually do it :-)
Defo the fostex th900 which I own....Please :-)
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