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Yes...he's obviously got better ears than eyes....the fostex finish is art!
Ps....the outcome of this will be many more of us, myself included, returning back to better value for money cd's, with full catalogue access!
As a regular user of hdtracks for over 2 years now, living the UK....I'm so disappointed now with this website....the price increase is unacceptable, whatever the corporate reason...and plainly not fair in comparison to the US. Not only that, but we are paying up to 50% more for a much poorer catalogue.....this can't be right!? I'm just grateful I already downloaded classics like Thriller, Buena vista social club, Time Out, etc before I'm not even able to view them...
I sold my audeze xc's for the th900 with no regrets....I love them.I agree, for modern popular music they are the current king....and could only ever be described as high end.
Well I haven't noticed the short coming you mention... so my statement still stands true. Let's call it 3 potential giant killers for those out there pondering the choices :-)
All of their flaws are outweighed heavily by their strengths. ... honestly, only by leaping to my fostex TH900s do I blow them away.... they are giant killers. .. Not even considering price.
Yes....The 3's are better balance and natural sounding. The th900 resolve slightly more. Much better bass. Much more exciting.
I'm done guys....I already had the colorfly c4 as my powerful new fostex th900 headphones has completed the job. Done. Out of Here!
Bass lovers rejoice.... the excellent Joan as policewoman, 'The Classic'....headed by the iconic Joan vasser.
You envisage the tu06 being a good match by itself with the th900, if needed?
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