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The new C10 info clearly states that it will have C4 sound quality in a much more user friendly package and UI....guaranteed hit? I'll miss the 6.3 Jack....so maybe the luxury& precision LP5 is the one for me....
Sorry guys....but can someone just turn up on the day and pay at the door? If so, is there likely to be space?
All very worrying on the quality control!
Is that really the consensus on here.....the new pro had already outdated and undermined two other offerings from the same company....seems strange?
I may be biased here but, if the AK240 can generate thousands of comments surely this direct rival could manage a few hundred...even early on....where's the buzz?!
Fair point....they're great but, a new product usually generates more buzz and more news....this thread seems usually subdued.
Nice.....Will he be confirmed as one of the in ear impression providers for orders too?
No more news? I'm kind of disappointed the 6.3 connection has gone, with all its power :-(
Is that a wooden body?
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