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I sold my audeze xc's for the th900 with no regrets....I love them.I agree, for modern popular music they are the current king....and could only ever be described as high end.
Well I haven't noticed the short coming you mention... so my statement still stands true. Let's call it 3 potential giant killers for those out there pondering the choices :-)
All of their flaws are outweighed heavily by their strengths. ... honestly, only by leaping to my fostex TH900s do I blow them away.... they are giant killers. .. Not even considering price.
Yes....The 3's are better balance and natural sounding. The th900 resolve slightly more. Much better bass. Much more exciting.
I'm done guys....I already had the colorfly c4 as my powerful new fostex th900 headphones has completed the job. Done. Out of Here!
Bass lovers rejoice.... the excellent Joan as policewoman, 'The Classic'....headed by the iconic Joan vasser.
You envisage the tu06 being a good match by itself with the th900, if needed?
Does Hugo make that much of a difference for the better with the th900? would be 1/4 and digital in for me, for the trusty C4.
I'm not going to get into a war of opinions with anyone....All I can tell you is my experience of actually hearing these models and combinations....regardless of specs on paper. The C4 is a kind of marmite product for some. What isn't in doubt is it's sound quality and power, from that 6.3 output. Others here will also testify to amazing synergy of this particular headphone and dap. The C4 considered on it's own merits has obvious competition. It's a quirky but classy...
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