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Half term report: Nice to see my vintage C4 still held in regard :-) Lotoo still doing well....and surprise new entries for ZX2....
London....New home of the billionaires!
Ah yes....the Dx100 was the other big daddy at the time I bought my C4....I liked them both as I believe they are still the only daps with 6.3mm Jack port!?
Thanks guys.....nice to see the C4 in there somewhere! Must admit I've never heard of the it really the new must have!?
I'm a long time user and fan of the Colorfly C4 (paired with my fostex th900). But despite my best efforts to stay up to date, my question of right now, including players actually heard at CanJam, what is the top ten order of DAP's, from a pure sound quality point of view? Subjectivity/personal preference comes into it, but if possible, can we stick to actual quality of sound rather than design, interface, etc. (I'd also be interested in where you believe my C4...
Hey Tony....same neck of the woods...could always start a northern version!? :-) p.s. I have colorfly C4 and Fostex th900's which are a great match if you fancied a mini shoot out sometime?
Fight the system people! ;-)
Admit they look good, but could only desecrate the original th900 if I had two pairs!
I agree that this hp dues an amazing job with simple mp3's...try Sam Smith, Stay to see what I mean....
As usual...we all have a natural preference and eq can be important, as I tweak mine to bring out the mids and tame any bloat in the voila, perfect can :-)
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