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Nice. At least they are less than head-fi.
  This pic just make me have to dig out of snow and get some ramen.
Ramen for sure
 Korean market here in Boston charges $10/lb
    As Glenn said, not so pretty if you live in north east of US.  It dumped around 30" on snow in 24 hours and some area with over 36", definitely not too pretty if you need to get out 4 times to clear the snow.
Clayton, fire up that amp I need to move to somewhere warmer and NO snow...  
One more, saffron monkfish stew.
Snowed in today, making babyback ribs.
 Agree, I do have to check in once a while myself.  
 茼蒿?  Looks like the same kind I have on the upper left of the picture I posted.  Yours seems like the small leaf kind, try to get the large leaf one, they are better. Is it very popular vegetable for Chinese hotpot, it does have an acquired taste.  Either you like it or not, it took me a long while to get used to it.
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