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Stolen from DG's thread, I think the impression was based on Glenn's OTL amp. 1. Western Electric 422A (early 50's grey plate and later 60s black plate) This is Western Electric's version of the 5U4G, with slightly different specifications, it should be fully compatible with 5U4G amps (Stratus - maybe, Woo, Decware, etc.). The construction is quite interesting, having the same domino plates and overall build as the Tung Sol 5998 power tubes. Anyways, the sound? This is...
Welcome back Clayton.   You guys are hardcore tube lover.
For deeper bass, you need the GEC 6AS7G. It is quality not quantity, the WA22 is bass light with HD800.
wow, i need this.
Was walking around this morning but can't find anything interesting to shoot. Found this bird to practice focusing with a manual lens.  
I had the WA22, LCD-2, and HD800 combo for couple years.  That is my go to combo for LCD-2, for HD800 see my other post earlier.
 Power: TS5998, TS7236Driver: TS 6SN7/6F8G BGRP, Brimar CV1988Rectifier: Metal based GZ34, 596, EML 5U4G
 the problem shipping fedex or ups international is they use a third party broker that the buy is most likely get hit with customs and service charge.  
 It is on the big brown truck now taking its sweet time to east coast.
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