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  Not sure will Jack going to able to fit it and also it is a DIY project.
 Spot on, just as layman's term it has better bass extension and wider sound stage. It also will smooth out the mid range area that some people do not like.
  Very similar, some prefer TS and some prefer Sylvania.  It also seems like Sylvania is easier to find too.
 I would love to see a delta1 on a WA5...
  I missed this bad boy... 
  When I had the WA22, I usually set it around 60% and use PWD to control the volume.  Just like you, I have a very comfortable listen chair that I do not feel like get up just to change the volume once a while.
 Unless you are using digital attenuator, the low level imbalance with standard pots bugs the heck out of me.  I usually listen at a level low enough I do notice one side is louder than other...
Play around with my new toy but I focus it on the transformer instead tubes.    
    I can give up carb and sugar but beer is my weakness, especially those craft beers.
  If you think stock tubes sound great, just wait til you roll in some NOS tubes...  The WA22 definitely can tailor your to mood with different tubes combo.
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