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Did you tried this with tilapia?   http://www.mamawangskitchen.com/sichuan-spicy-fish/
Tung Sol BGRP 6SN7GT single tube (around 100 hours) - $150
It is Cantonese fish dish, that is usually my go to way of cooking fresh fish. Try to slice some shiitake mushroom and small amount of ground pork and put it on top of fish.
Yeah, cooking in rental kitchen is very hard. Sous Vide helps a lot and make it much easier. That was one meal for first night for 10 adults and 6 kids. The rest of meals goes downhill pretty fast, I think I have at least few liquid meals.
Did some easy meals last week during skiing trip.
They do slice that steak like butter, think money is well spend compare to vintage tubes.
Picked up a new set of steak knives :-)
Clayton, go to an Asian market near you. They usually sell it less.
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