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I did not cook this but it is one of the best burger I ever have.
They glows, you just need a longer exposure time.
 Look very yummy, I do the same with dry rub too to lower the carb intake. 
 Same here, just asked Glenn I was to use 6AS7G, 6SN7, and GZ34 tubes and he made me an amp I'm still very happy with.
That is so good, I like the sticky rice more than the chicken.
Yes, it is a king crab legs from Bob Chinn's. A lilttle more healthier meal tonight, NOT
  Decided something healthier than pizza, went with this instead.    
  Lamb sausage pizza?  Love lamb and pizza, perfect match made in heaven. EDIT, can't take this anymore.  Going to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in couple hours. 
Oh, I know where this at, been there but never remembered how I got back to hotel.
I need to get my lazy ***** to SF soon.
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