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 At Osaka now, any recommendations?
This is as close I will go to SF this year, at SFO now waiting for my flight to Japan.
 That should be a great combo, my setup was very similar and it held me back for upgrade itch for over three years.  Get the Q Audio cable for HD800.
 hope your breakfast is better than my airport food... 
  Have fun Clayton, have more beers for me.  I'm "beer" out this week, I drank more beers this week than I normally drink in two months.
  Thanks for the info, I think I will wait until next week when I'm in Asia.  My coworker tells me how much more expensive everything is in Zurich, I don't think I can afford anything there.
 To be decided by the boss but I think it will most likely in Orlando.
  It comes with a price but with the miles I will fly the family to Disney...  
  If I can't find any, I will try to find some in Osaka or Hong Kong next week.
 Thanks, I will be patience.  I have few more days before heading there.
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