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  What snow?  I did not see any here...
 Normally she can't tell the difference but now with only one headphone, HD800, she pays more attention to the quality of sound instead of clammy (is this a word?) or comfort.   My work finally wind down a bit, it is almost time for this. 
 I agree, the balanced SS amp I have is β22 with dual σ22, it drives the LCD-2 and HD800 much better than using the SE output.  Even my wife can tell the difference.
Big Brown just delivered my early Christmas gift.    
Very nice, it is as close to as race car you can get that is street legal.  Drove one when I visited my friend and never realize how difficult to drive it..
I have an excellent condition iPhone 5 64GB on Verizon, I tried to put in a T Mobile sim card and it works fine and confirmed from Verizon it is unlocked.  Just upgraded to iPhone 6.  Comes with everything, the cable, charger, and headphone are new never used.
My vote goes to Zeiss f/2 100 Makro if you don't mind the manual focus. The Zeiss micro contrast can't replicated with other brands.
Before I post on for sales forum, anyone want a CETRON 6336A?  I purchased a pair last year and only used it for about an hour to make sure it is working.  Was intended to use with LCD-3 but never get around to purchase it.  I'm looking for $140 shipped CONUS.
  Not sure will Jack going to able to fit it and also it is a DIY project.
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