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 Do you mean 2.4.5?  I can't find 4.2.5.
I can still make it glows with my camera at night...
 Damn, I should have not sold my NOS pair. 
  Dunkin don't do it for me, I need to power on my lowly Nepresso for a triple espresso... or may be a heathy choice of 20 yrs Pur Erh
  That is true, I need to make my toys worth the money I spent... 
Finally have time to power on the OTL amp for the first time over a month, totally forgot how good this amp driving the HD800.  Gonna be a long night and I have conference call at 6am in the morning.  
nice, i going to download it later tonight.
 Agreed on the value but I do have a soft spot for the EML glows in the dark...
 My pair are brown based.
    What punit said.  I actually like the Brimar more than BGRP with Jazz especially with female vocals.  Diana, Ella, Norah...  You have to be careful who you deal with, for pricy tubes I will ask the seller if it possible to return if it have any noise or loose base.
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