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As much as I like the WA22 maxxed and HD800, they are the best combo.  However it does held me back years before I decided to upgrade.
One thing you forget to mention OT does not have the bass authority of the OTL amp when driving the HD800.
You guys have fun, the earliest I can make it there will be on Sunday morning.  Looks like I will most likely missed it.
  Travel on business is not much fun, usually packed with tight agenda that run from 8am to 6-7pm to get the most of you.  My agenda last week was from 8am to 6pm plus working dinners.  By the time I have it myself is around 9/10pm, the Navy Pier was closed when I got there at Tuesday and we went to Big Bar instead.
 If you are using HD800, try the GEC 6080.  They are much better than the 5998 for HD800.
Clayton, looks you guys have fun last night.
I may be back on the week of 28, let's see if I can head out couple days earlier.
Pizza... Was in Chicago last few days but no time to get any deep dish.
Stolen from DG's thread, I think the impression was based on Glenn's OTL amp. 1. Western Electric 422A (early 50's grey plate and later 60s black plate) This is Western Electric's version of the 5U4G, with slightly different specifications, it should be fully compatible with 5U4G amps (Stratus - maybe, Woo, Decware, etc.). The construction is quite interesting, having the same domino plates and overall build as the Tung Sol 5998 power tubes. Anyways, the sound? This is...
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