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Changing stuff around in Foobar isn't working. Itunes has the same problem. I'm thinking it might be a power issue...   Laptop isn't popping or cracking either. No issues there. Same Antivirus so that can't be it. The USB port is even shared.   It seems I fixed it. No idea how.
Unfortunately for me the problem has returned. Could it be something related to BIOS? I reverted that to default.
The reboots were probably the problem. I could not turn off my PC as it gave me a BSOD and rebooted immediately after so I just tried it without. I fixed the BSOD by running some cleaners and installing the drivers off the factory CD and then spent some more time looking at the numbers. While I had previously stuck it in a USB port shared with 3 other things (that I disabled) I now managed to find one that did not share any numbers/IDs/whatever. It seems the problem has...
Sorry for the bump, but I figured it'd be better than starting a whole new thread. I'm currently having similar problems. I've got dt770 pros hooked up to a fiio e07k USB DAC, and I'm getting small pops, clicks and cracks that seem to get worse when I'm doing something on my pc. I've checked: E07k with my ipod: no problems E07k with jack into pc: no problems that one little program measuring buffer: all in the green I've changed: buffer size in foobar: no change mich41's...
Alright, I went and bought myself an E07K with the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros 80 ohms. I'm kinda browsing through the options and stumbled upon the gain function: 0 db, 6 db or 12 db. Is there any difference besides the volume? I read that amps perform well at max power, but does that mean 12 db at 25 volume or 0 db at 40 volume? Does it change the battery life?   The Fiio website and manual haven't been of help.
Final question before purchase. The specs of the E07K tell me the recommended headphone impedance should be 6-150 ohms. I'm going to go for Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros, but I'm not sure about the version (80 ohms or 250 ohms). I've read that the 250 ohm version is slightly less bass-heavy and shines more with a higher volume.   So, is anyone familiar with using the E07K, the E17 or E11 (all three have somewhat if not the same output) with headphones around 250 ohms?
Thank you very much. I did some searching and although there's not a lot of info I found out the 4G still has a cirrus DAC, the same brand as the 2G you compared the E07K to. Many prefer the Wolfson one they had in the older Ipod line-up.   Not sure if this is a pro or a con for the E07K. I can choose to get better quality out of my PC but live with the fact that my Ipod sounds different, or I could get a better amp for the price and just stick to playing it with my...
Got another question...   The E07K can be used as a DAC for my PC, and solely as an amplifier for my Ipod Touch 4g. I was wondering if there's any difference in quality between using it on my desktop and on my Ipod, basically: E07K DAC vs Ipod DAC.   The Ipod would use a LOD.   If there's little difference I could switch the E07K out for an E11 and get better quality for less money for my Ipod, but lose some quality on my PC.   What differences do you...
Yeah, that's why I was asking Kinda looking for an answer to how high and noticable that difference is. I know you won't know if it's worth 100$ because that's different for everyone, but maybe others that had the same equipment (ipod and basic sound card desktop) and ended up buying it might be able to tell me their experiences with it.
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