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So I went ahead and ordered the E7... can't wait to get it and check it out. Thanks for the help palm
Wow that sounds great.. can't wait to hear what these headphones can really do :D   I just came across these while getting ready to purchase the E7 on amazon, could you take a quick look and let me know what you think?   It says it is a DAC Headphone Amplifier   Thanks a bunch 
Hey everyone, I am pretty new here and bought the HD558's around September of 2012... I have really enjoyed them, but have recently been hearing about amps/DAC's and have been interested in one. I use onboard sound from my ASUS P6T motherboard. After reading this entire thread I have gone back and forth between all these headphone amps, opinions, and suggestions and still cannot make up my mind. I have read some posts about different amps giving certain benefits, but...
Gotcha thanks! so a soundcard is really just a DAC and amp in one? Ill stop with the questions just trying to understand this.. been reading these forums all night thanks again!
I will look at them and read about them thankyou.. and I assume these offer the same thing as an internal sound card? If these help with sound quality and volume im all for them and will probably be picking them up   and what is DAC? :| 
for soundcard and amp budget of around 200 for both or just sound card around 80-160$   Internal to plug into motherboard
Hey everyone.. I've posted a couple places and haven't received any information on the subject..    A friend and I are in the market for headphone amps and sound cards and would love any suggestions or advice to get the best bang for buck and sound quality   I am rockin' the Sennheiser HD 558's and am interested in soundcard/amp but have no idea where to start. The headphones sound great as is but the volume is a bit low with my onboard     My friend is...
A friend just recently bought the Sennheiser PC 350's and I am trying to help him make a decision on what he should get to boost the headphones... It seems that a headphone amp and soundcard can really make these or any pair of headphones sound great... I would really appreciate some suggestions on soundcards and/or headphone amps or both..    Thanks in advance,
I am not too sure if this is the right area but I have a question and am looking for suggestions on sound card and headphone amp options.   Me and a friend have a pair of Sennheiser headphones he has the PC 350's and I have the HD558's... My question is: Is a sound card going to help these headphones at all? And if so which sound cards would be best? I have been looking around and only see asus or creative and have heard some big negatives about both.. The price isnt...
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