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Nope, I found it is either XLR or RCA, not both at the same time.Sorry that was with my Mjolnir!
Thanks for your quick reply!Regarding Mjolnir and Gungnir pairing, I find the DAC of my cd player to be a bit better than the Gungnir (it's a bit more laid back, smoother sounding than the Gungnir) and as I only use Spotify for "streaming" I have no real use for my Gungnir other than Spotify.
Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my LCD 2.2 to an XC. Reason behind this is that I tend listen to music while my wife is watching TV a lot of the time and we seem to now have engaged in a kind of battle over volume :-) I "bother" her with my music, escaping from my LCD 2's,  while she "bothers" me with TV back ground noise intruding via my open LCD 2's. resulting in ever changing volume settings on both TV and amp. I love my Audeze's hence my logical next step: upgrade to...
My sincerest condolences for your loss, Jason.
Whats your budget?I'm using a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento's and they have the same sound qualities (in combination with the rest of my system, of course) to me as my LCD 2.2's
Hi, The guys at Sonority-Audio ( are OK! I've ordered all my Schiit from them (6 units and counting......) they where on holiday last week, so maybe that explains the longer wait for an reply. Gert-Jan
Ahhhh, I used a non-grounded wall socket for my Mjolnir and now it's quiet again  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!! G-J
Thanks JJ, I will start to experiment with the ground lead (we use 3 wires here in Netherlands as well).
Hi JJ, what do you mean by "lifting" the ground on the power cable?
Hi, I think I have a problem with my Mjolnir    I have to use the single ended inputs on the Mjolnir as I now link it directly to my pre-amp instead of the Gungnir. Since I'm running it single ended I have a hum in all of my system (speakers and headphones) As soon as I disconnect my Mjolnir the hum is gone. I've tried other headphone amps and they are dead quiet in my system. Also when I hook it up via my Gungnir (balanced) I have no issue.   Has any one ever had a...
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