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+1 Go for the A2 (ik heb er thuis ook een staan en het is een geweldige versterker!!  ) and I would combine the budget for both headphones and put it towards 1 higher end model (not knowing your reasoning behind getting 2 headphones, of course)
I've upgraded my stock LCD-2 cable a few weeks back. After much "internet fact finding", I went fro the Entreq Konstantin 2012 cable.For me this turned out to be an awesome upgrade. Soundstage improved, more controlled base and better highs, without getting trying (and it looks really nice as well  ). I'm very happy with my Entreq cable. Of course there are many more cables out there and it all comes down to budget. One other cable to check out would be Forza Audio Works,...
You could also check out the Forza Audio Works cables, awesome value for money and Matthew is great to deal with!! I went a bit overboard with my cable replacement and got an Entreq Konstantin 2012.......... awesome match with my LCD 2.2 (but a hefty price tag!)
Hi, I received my first FAW cable today and I must say I'm pretty impressed, this is a lot of value for money!!   I ordered a FAW Color Series HPC to replace the stock cable on my HE-400 in the office.     Cable looks, feels and sounds good!!!   Next step: FAW Claire XLR interconnects to link my Mjolnir and Gungnir together   Highly recommended in my book!!!!
Today I received my first cable upgrade for my LCD 2.2's I ordered some Entreq Konstantin 2012 balanced cables from Sweden. They look really nice, now all I have to do is head home and listen to them   Nice box   Cool cable
I bet the AK480 would go really well with the $8,000.00 Symbiote Platinum IEM cable (which happens to be available only today.....)    
Hi, I went down the same route (although I started with the Gungnir)  The upgrade from Asgard 2 to Mjolnir is awesome.You'll be in for a treat. What cable did you order?
Wow it just got a little better, this would be a serious option to replace my current pre-amp (if it only could come in black and with a remote..........) so I could get rid an extra "box" and interlink connects in my set-up. Just waiting for this beauty to hit the ground in The Netherlands for an audition.
 Well Sonus Faber is a bit like Audeze in my opinion, the both sound amazing and look great as well. 
Thanks! These are Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento's, two way monitors and those are the dedicated stands for this speaker (basically they are designed as a whole)I have had floor standers before these (SF Concerto Domus) and was going to upgrade them to SF Cremona M's but hen the shop I audioned them also had these Guarneri's for sale and the blew the Cremona's away on all fronts, including bass. Besides that I'm not that much of a base head, and voices sound simple stunning...
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