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Yes, this cable tones the highs a little down (as I like it) so for me a great upgrade compared the stock cable!My Alpha Dogs sounds smooth now  
  I recieved my Noir HPC mkII for my Alpha Dogs yesterday.   Great looking cable, I will give them a first listen tonight
Hi Lohb, All I can say is that for me the Bakoon provided me with a much clearer sound stage, more separation between instruments, better mids and trebble in comparison with my Mjolnir (have not done any other comparisons) I have no clue about the technicalities of the current domain, etc. I just like what I hear and so far I like it a lot  
Hi Alphanewb, I bought mine second hand here in the Netherlands.Sorry can't help you, but mine are V1.1 as well.
I'm the proud owner of a pair of Alpha Dogs since yesterday. I love what these headphones do for my music. I use them on my Bakoon HPA-01 and I'm very happy with the results sofar. After I order some other cables I will be able to try them on my Mjolnir/Gungnir.
Hi I'm thinking of adding an Audeze LCD XC to my "collection"    Does any of the HPA-01 users here tried or heard this combination? I love the Bakoon with the LCD-2.2, but I'm looking for a closed headphone to be able to listen while my wife it watching TV (with the LCD-2 we both "suffer" from each others noise.   Thanks!
Great cable, I got them for my Hifiman HE-400 because the stock Hifiman cable was too long, but IMHO the LCD-X deserves a "better" (read: little more up-market) cable.
Due to my recent upgrade I now sell my Schiit Mjolnir amp. I bought the amp back in March of last year  from the Dutch Schiit Dealer (invoice available) The Mjolnir is as new, and comes with all packaging. Loads of info on this amp here on Head-fi    Price is fixed at 500 euro excl. shipping cost. I'm located in The Netherlands (Eindhoven area)    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!   Thanks!!   Best regards,   Gert-Jan
I bought the USB board from Schiit-Europe (Sonority Audio here in the Netherlands are authorized Schiit dealer) so I was asked to contact them by Nick. Makes sense to me.
Hi, I only hear the relay clicks when I reboot my laptop (with the usb cable connected) after that no more clicks.I've removed and re-installed the driver and I've done another install of the driver on a different laptop and tried it on Chromebook (not sure if that is even supported) I'm waiting for a response from my local Schiit dealer to respond now. See where this goes.........
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