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Very fortunately I have.Here's a photo of a friend who auditioned my gear at the last meet we held at a resort.
Finally.HD800 really needs more Tha just the dap+Hugo driving it.
I also had the X and only listened to it through Hugo at the beginning of the blue light.For some reason, the HD800 just isn't a good match with the Hugo.  Even my friend who thought that I must be crazy to push the volume rocker to the white zone eventually did that same thing and came to the same conclusion that Hugo just isn't cut out to be drive the HD800.  Not directly.  You need a third element int he rig: an external amp.
Hugo even at max volume (white), sounds thin and bass is too fast, withdrawn too soon.Treble while pushed out with great extension sounds thin and dry.
  I tried the Anaxillus mod. Too treble shy.  I like treble that extends to high heavens without getting strident.  But I also like to have that thick vocals to add to the midrange focus.  Bass must also be punchy with a little bloom before getting withdrawn or pulled out.  This rig has it all.  And the best thing is I can carry it in a sling bag with me wherever I go.  All that is required is to stuff the HD800 in a suitable carrying bag and I can listen to HD800 quality...
Ah. Sorry for the misinterpretation.But I did that already.  EQ'd the 240SS to death before deciding to finally do some experiments with introducing a portable amp into the mix.The result was quite delightful, actually.Almost everyone to whom I opened my rig to was pleasantly surprised that this rig could sound so good that one of them actually asked me, "Why do you still want to buy a desktop amp?  What more are you looking for?"  He knew before auditioning that I am...
The beauty of this hobby is it accords everyone with a chance to tailor fit the presentation of music to his individual sophisticated taste or his idiosyncratic preference.Sure we appreciate the truth but a little flattery goes a long way towards brightening up your day - even if it is but for a day.Life is fleeting. We enjoy it in the way we can and in the manner that speaks of the culmination of what and where we've been. At the end of the day, I will only try people's...
Maybe I'm deaf.
Drum hits sound like stick hitting on wood.I cannot consider that realistic. Then even at max volume, HD800 doesn't sound loud enough.
Well... If your definition of musicality is the electrostatic sound of Orpheus then yes, Hugo + HD800 is indeed heavenly.I've heard the 800 out of the EAR HP4. Out of Woo Audio amps. Now, those amps give good body to the HD800.
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