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Any idea what this button is for?
Disturbing, isn't it?Can we have someone from Chord Electronics enlighten us about this?@Rob Watts
Anyone ever seen what looks like moisture bubbles on their Hugo TT's Xilinx chip?
  What are those stands?
Hahahahaha...  DITTO!  Stainless steel edition of the 380 would be a winner!
Originally from Astell & Kern made by Crystal Cable of Netherlands, I cut the original 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm up into pieces and had them reterminated into RCA cables.http://www.crystalcable.com/http://shop.iriverinc.com/accessories/astell-kern-pef13-3-5mm-male-to-male-2-1ft-audio-cable-made-by-crystal-cable.html
Crystal Cable of Netherlands. I had the original cut up and reterminated. From single strand to 3 strands per channel.
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