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Wong Kuan Wae of Singapore made this - what seems to be a 3 solid-cores interconnect. Another interconnect by Wong Kuan Wae of Singapore.  Superb clarity. A crystal copper and silver hybrid 3.5mm to RCA interconnect by Warren Lazibal.  Great body, detail and air.   Erei Chua of Singapore made this RCA - RCA interconnect.  Great body in the midrange.  Je'em Navarro made this for me out of Whiplash 8-wires (70% copper and 30% silver).  A little "slow" but...
RCA jacks are getting pulled out from the board. There's a bit of give.  They weren't like this brand new out of the box.
    Portability is relative.  
  IE800 balanced, terminated with TRRS plug.  ALO SXC cable used.
Anyone have issues with the RCA phono jacks getting loose?   Is there a quick fix without having to send this back to Chord?  
I don't. There's an amp underneath the Hugo. I adjust the volume of the amp.
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