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   This is awesome!!:)
Unfortunately, I do not know his handle here in headfi.  We have a small regional audiophile group where he moonlights as a cable guy.  Recently, he's done some good work (subjective) for me. Below, the mannequin heads made of fiber glass, were also done by the same guy.  We call him Arbi.   Here - DT1350 opened back cups.  They sound fantastic. 
Someone who possesses more talent than I do did the mods.  
Yono, given my preference for the 800 and the T1, do you think I will like the "MS Pro e" ? Thanks for the detailed answer.
The first thing that everyone noticed is the treble.  The wood cup and the velour pads made the treble pack on a lot of air and as a result, it now sounds almost like an opened-back.  The stock 1350s has good treble body but it made the treble sound congested and tightly bunched up by comparison. Because of this, soundstaging no longer feels tunnel-like but has took on a significant breadth as well.The next thing anyone would notice is the bass. Midbass bloat has been...
I am loving this balanced set-up.  Xperia Z3c >> USB Audio Line-Out >> CL Theorem 720 >> balanced out to DT1350 (with Canare cables)  
Nice, Yono.   Which one is best to your ears? :)
Which one of the three do you like best?
I wish I can say that this is brand new but it isn't.  However, before the many mods, it was the newer iteration of the 1350.   Wood cups mod // Canare L-4e5c cable // Kobiconn balanced termination // Velour pads [I know that this is probably a sacrilege to those hardcore 1350 fans... My apologies but I paid for them cups.]   Peace.  
Sorry. I haven't tried its Bluetooth connect.On optical, the sound is so pristine that I loath to disappoint myself with rolled off highs of a Bluetooth transmission.
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