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Signed up.  Please consider.  Thanks.
LOL.  This is a setup that allows me to switch from CIEM to HD800 easily.  The XLR adapter is for the HD800. 
Just one.  This one is a loaner from a friend.  I just want to hear the difference.  Both have the same cable.  Mine has wood cups.  
Modded 1350 with quad Canare L4E5c cable and terminated to 3.5mm TRRS. Fantastic bass.  Hard.  Tight. Changed the pleather to velour pads.  
Very little sub bass but the rest is livable.
  Thanks.  It is a serious rig but only good for hotel room listening.  On the road, I am keeping to my CIEM.   
  240SS >> Chord Hugo >> Cmoy custom amp LME 49720 >> HD800 Beats most sub USD 1.5k desktop amp.
That does not look like a healthy way to treat the optical cable.  Plastic rods shouldn't be bent like that. 
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