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How tight?Gosh.What a question.Tight. Virgin tight?
Custom made by a friend. The plugs are Eidolic. You can buy them from Peter Bradstock at Double Helix Cables.
Great photos, Amos. Thanks for the posts.
This time, the AK380 will be forever?:P
No, I don't. And thank you for the compliment.If i tell you that I stapled a black cloth over my curtains, laid over the same on a table and then killed all but the lone blue LED light in my bedroom to shoot those photos, would you believe me?No strobe lights. No umbrella.I used a mobile phone's screen as a makeshift backlight, and the distant blue LED To create the bluish cool ambience. Nothing more.
Tried the Bakoon today.  No way is it good enough to drive the X. For IEMs, save for that little hiss, it sounds very satisfying though.
A loaner from a friend.  Bakoon HPA-01m.      
Have you had any experience sending your Hugo back for phono / RCA jack repair?     How long did it take Chord to repair and send it back to you? Mine's been out for 3 weeks already...
Here is a review that I collaborated with Marcus Downey of Headfonics. THE FIIO X3 GEN 2 by Marcus Downey By pure luck the local demo tour of the new FiiO X3 2nd Gen was happening when I started this review so I was able to bring in Bryan Co from our local chapter to throw in his thoughts also so in effect we have a dual review. You will find Bryan’s comments either in italics or with a heading in italics. So Apple closed out the Classic line late last year and everyone...
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