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Thanks.  I'll consider the added thickness. :)
Who made those cables?
Thanks for the heads up.
Will do. Thanks.
Thank you, MickeyVee.  I think I'll pass this opportunity to get the HE560 blind.  That said, does anyone here have an experience in pairing the HD800 with the ALO Reference 16 cable?
Thanks, Matt.  I guess the 560 is closer to the HD650 as FlySweep says, huh?  My long time buddy in this hobby told me that the HE560 is like the HD800 of planars.  That got me interested.
The HD650?  Ugh! I hate it.  I got suspended for likening someone's HD650 as a pair of old Sansui speakers covered with damp towels.  I guess, I'm going to skip it if the HE560 sounds close to the HD650!
Thank you, FlySweep.  How does the 560 compare to the 800 in terms of treble presentation?  If the 560 has a softer attack, does it also have lesser or smaller bass output?
Can someone who has both the HD800 and the new Hifiman HE560 do a comparative impression or review of these two?   Thanks.
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