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Marriner Davis Blomstedt   Who should I pick for the complete schubert symphony recording?
What factors I should take into consideration when applying to British medical schools?
spill the beans good sir! No judging here ;)
All his operas are worthy of study too. I think the first concert I ever went to was of Peter Grimes!
So little time, and one can never truly 'master' a piece..
He had no piano, the US authorities destroyed his piano as the glue was made of dangerous material? Lol
I understand the positioning when it comes to speakers.    But for earphones, do you think it's mostly imagined?
Question regarding headphone and earphone 'imaging'   What are the factors that can affect imaging for headphones and earphones, I have little to no knowledge in this regard.   I guess stereo crosstalk would make a difference, but even then most audio devices don't have audible levels of leak.   It also seems upper frequency boosted earphones seem to make people perceive a wider soundstage. Is this a causal effect or a byproduct of some other mechanism?
Krystian Zimerman giving a lecture mid concerto on the US Poland political conflict. Then he went onto give fiendish recital.
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