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Lazar berman's transcendentals are truly transcendental
I love Pires' mozart - live it was stunningly beautiful.
just.... why.....
  On the theme of 'concerto', here is a Saxophone concerto by Glazunov.
  Not enough mendelssohn love around here!
 I prefer it when they talk while playing.
  These two recordings of Pogorelich, I cherish. Modern pianists don't play Brahms anything like that. The Schumann is just phenomenal technique, especially the octave section..  
Ivo's is very good, but I don't think his strongly idiosyncratic approach is particularly suited to Ravel. Have you seen him play recently? I wish I witnessed him at his peak (envious), (don't think I was alive then!) his return since his wife's passing has been a horrific affair however. I was at the concert...
I thought they were all great, such a limpid tone and exquisite control of colours. I really liked her gaspard if I had to single one out, especially ondine, with the glass like hues. Scarbo is as fiendish as Samson Francois' which I used to rank the all time great gaspard recording. 
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