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The organ version? I think I posted that one few pages back. :) At least that one is in the 'correct' key! 
  I enjoyed this. Sadly, most of it is transposed to a different key for the recorder (and at baroque pitch at that). If you are sensitive to pitch, this might throw you off a bit!
Expectation bias... The only cables it should make a difference are for electrostats :D What is your favourite Stax amp?
He looks and his gestures remind me of Justin Bieber. 
I have a review unit. Slightly v shaped so not a replacement for ER4S.
One year anniversary gift for the girlfriend. Classic timeless design with a sapphire touch Bye bye hifi purchases for a while
Heir 4s should be avoided. It's good but has a null around upper mod frequencies giving it a slightly odd 'light feel.'
Nothing a bit of EQ can't solve however!
Fellow K10 owners, please have a listen to this on the K10. Remarkable to say the least! Let me know your thoughts! @fullcircle you rock so hard https://youtu.be/P0FIsFD9MXU
HD800 is great for its imaging, but its treble spike makes violins sound tin like.
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