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DISCLAIMER - TOTAL hissfest (at least few hundred reptiles), but a godlike recording nonetheless!           Fascinating video description.   In his book "Horowitz," Glen Plaskin writes,"the french master (Cortot)did give him(Horowitz) occasional lessons and assignments. These began in 1928 and continued sporadically for the next few years. Cortot was struck by the clarity and projection of Horowitz's tone but showed distain for the idea of making a career on...
https://www.amazon.com/Franz-Schubert-A-Wanderers-Guitar/dp/B00RMBKO24 There are actually a few good recordings already of guitar/singer transcriptions of Schubert.  The earlier editions of Schubert's song cycles piano scores that I own actually include the alternate guitar parts already (written by Schubert), so the pain in the rear is alleviated somewhat! and some of them were published for guitar/voice even before the piano. He also owned a Stauffer guitar. I'm not so...
How is the Jakob lindenberg one? his album is in my shortlist, not sure whetehr to get it or not
Shin ichi fukuda has done a wonderful complete works of takemitsu for guitar
I thought you blamed the reptiles!
Cortot never recorded the transcendental as far as I am aware but who knows, he would have made sublime poetry out of these etudes! His b minor sonta is still my reference recording. You are too mean about his hissing! :P
You posted it this two pages back? Khodolenko has a great live recording too out of the pianists on the circuit atm. But my personal liszt transcendental set favourite, it's one of those rare recordings which stands above others by a notable margin even that of Cziffra's. 
  There's a fascinating recorded rehearsal tape in the album between LaFaro and Evans working on my foolish heart
Sometimes, they are live so you hear audience shuffles etc.Analogue to digital conversion of older recordings, and they have more noise artifactsProbably page turning  Also hd800 is notorious for picking up extraneous noises due to the upper treble frequency boost, that may explain why you hear artifacts more clearly 
She is also pretty!Brahms 2 furtwangler and fischer tops it for meKun woo paiks recording is great too
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