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Ethan Winer, I am also subscribed to AES, so I read papers there. Winer also wrote a book on Audio which you can get from Amazon. I know that the measurements for headphones will never be fully comprehensive, as you need to take into account of each individual's differently shaped head/ear structures. But for Dacs, modern day equipment measurements are more than comprehensive. I have also tested it myself to make sure, using software to gauge roughly what percentages of...
All the AES compliant thresholds have been established already, since a long time ago... We already have pre established ranges of (audibility thresholds) from a technological and biological standpoint on human hearing. These include frequency responses, IMD etc.... The best way is to test it for yourself. Get some of your favourite tracks and start adding distortion to it using software, and test it for yourself. Even though I know for certain now that I can't hear the...
He never said it was bad. He was explaining why he didn't have a gear list, because the other member jumped to the conclusion from his lack of filling out the details that he was judging gear he had never tried.
I always thought of 'audiophiles' dismissing measurements, similar to somebody arguing that the temperature is different to what the thermometer is saying.
I wasn't referring to DACs, just about reviews in general. Stop taking things out of context!  Even if you don't own/have used products, properly conducted measurements are viable points of reference for other DACs (in this case) and they will be more comprehensive and accurate than any other human experience. I value the 'using' experience more on other non performance related issues such as aesthetics, ease of use and so on. I would never use a DAC if i looks like crap...
Exactly. Bias ridden herd behaviour, however big the herd will always be invalidated by properly conducted scientific tests. 
She is also in central London at Harley street on Fridays.
Yup, but in your case that's more to do with the onboard amp problem.
The statement that all DACs are the same is definitely false. But to suggest that there are all these remarkable differences in SQ is also false. It would definitely be the last component I would fiddle around with, if I am changing my set up. 
Oh and in case you say I am deaf or something along the lines, I have above average hearing for my age group early 20s (went to the audiologist several weeks back) and am also a classically trained musician.
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