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What are your views on Thelonious Monk?
Any good jazz related threads? If somebody could direct me I would be grateful!
I will have a read of that book, sounds interesting! 
While scavenging through some sheet music I stumbled across this magnificent piece. Anybody know a good recording of this?
Anybody read the rest is noise by Ross?
Shoji Sayaka was also zakhar brons pupil. How does he produce so many world class violinists!
I can't speak for orchestral music. But the oldies played Brahmsian piano music with a lot of intensity. Nowadays it's played quite strictly. Maybe this is the case for his symphonies as well?
I did my undergraduate at MIT and quickly discovered Thermodynamics was too painful and difficult. So I did a Masters at the LSE am now studying what I really wanted to do which is Piano performance at the RCM. Did a conducting course as well in which I was given a choice of symphonies to analyse. Picked the 4th as I have studied it before. Thesis was the wrong word to use, I should have said 'extended essay.' How about yourself? Are you a music related major?
I had to write a thesis on Brahms 4, I don't think I have the time or energy to summarise it on here. There is a good essay analysing it from the Schiller Institute.
Brahms destroyed his own work. I don't feel that Brahms is my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate his symphonies from having studied it. The way it's structured, the thematic developments and so on.
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