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It's a shame he's managed to exile himself from Korea after his embezzlement antics.
 Roy says Baines and (can't remember who) weren't picked as they are injury prone. Then he goes and picks Jack Wheelchair... 
I have my lucky charm ready.  Inconsistency is such a big issue but hopefully they will turn up in style on the day!
I feel that he is over hyped abroad but underrated in the UK. The guy has never performed badly for any team that he has played for. He has always scored consistently and been at the very top level despite his age.Even at Barca where he was considered a 'failure' and played out on the left wing he was still averaging more than 0.5 goals per game.On a different note, I'm hoping Suarez wins the ballon dor this year!
Ronaldinho was there only for two years 17 goals in 55 apps, he only really came to the fore after his transfer to Barca.His ego is almost planetary but watching him is so entertaining, and the goals he scores are badass!
Tbh, nobody really knew about PSG until Zlatan came along.
I've found a recording by a pianist called Dmitry paperno, a nice eclectic mix of repertoire. He has quite a unique take on the pieces with a terrific technique. Plays Czerny beautifully!
It's been recorded in history that Beethoven complained about the lack of power and fragility about pianos in his era... What is your problem? You have a penchant for making incoherent criticisms whenever people present their opinions and ideas.
Beethoven would be enraptured by modern day concert grands. He broken around 78% of the strings on his Erard while he used it. 
It's nice playing a wonderfully crafted instrument, but it's just a tool at the end of the day.The musical intellect of the performer will always make itself known regardless of the medium; Cortot's recordings sound worse than yardsale digital pianos, but it doesn't detract from the profundity of his playing albeit the hiss can get pretty extreme at times!
New Posts  All Forums: