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There's a whole treasure trove of unissued rubinstein recordings as well, I wonder if they would ever be released :(
When buying etymotic products, I pay the premium for the R&D behind their products. They are one of the few companies that focus on true fidelity, and fidelity is what I care about at the end of the day. Any person with a soldering iron and a rudimentary knowledge of how the drivers work can throw together the parts and make a decent sounding IEM. I will not mention them, but there are several companies on this forum, that do all their tuning by ear without serious...
  Who knew Czerny could sound so good!
So relatively, compared to the ER4PT, the ER4XR will have more treble presence as well as bass presence? Would this be an appropriate assessment? In a way then moving from the PT to XR will make the XR seem comparitively more V shaped?
@EtyDaveJust wanted to say that your presence here is brilliant. It's great to see an industry insider who is so straightforward, frank and not engaging in any marketing BS and deliberate obfuscation which I tend to see so much on this forum.  @everybody From what I understand, the new ER4S is a further refinement (by this I mean more in line with the target curve) of the original ER4S with a new housing etc. Similarly is the new ER4PT going to aim for a similar signature...
  Top scores in La Liga, poor Ronaldo lol   It would be a travesty if Suarez isn't in the ballon d'or top three next year.
Funny, I was rewatching trainspotting on this day and that iconic toilet scene came up  
check out stenhammar swede composer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd1rxZXp5aY skip to the 20th minute (romanticism on steroids)
Oh no, she was knocked up a while back by a dashing young conductor of one of the operatic english orchestras
She does a lot of collaborative work with my organ teacherhttps://youtu.be/6-ojM-rfkkc
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