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I was listening to Spem in Alium, it was spectacular!
a cappella harmony groups sound amazing on the hd800  
Always wondered why the connectors are so reluctant to come out.... 
    FYI he isn't a troll.
The designer is a serious engineer with a properly analysed specs sheet for all his products. What's there not to drool over
[quote name="uchihaitachi" url="/t/65051 0/the-new-hd800-impressions-thread/18120#post_11518386"]How about the immaculately transparent Leckerton Uha 6s mkii and just tun it out of LOD[/quote]
How about the immaculately transparent Leckerton Uha 6s mkii
3 hours of deriving inheritance growth models. Sadly I feel as if the only useful thing I have learnt doing Economics is regression analysis.... 
I'm studying the economic models behind his theories for my finals. Covering the capital accumulation process atm... 
Capital in the 21st Century by Piketty   I am studying a module taught by his co-author Gabriel Zucman   Not having a fun time, but the guy's data collation is quite extraordinary. 
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