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Yeah just had a relook at the albums; me too like the bronfman, the repin was underwhelming.Theres a good interview richter gives about that recordng, he wasnt at all pleased by karajan and found his photoshoots and the likes utterly perplexing XD
Is that the beethoven triple album?
The only way in which I can think of discerning the sex of the performer for the piano is their touch and how they play large chords. Especially minute female pianists the likes of de larrocha or pires, it's more discernible. Might have to try this out 
I guess I will stick with my ruler flat Mackies. Do you know when the etymotic UK will stock the xr and sr? 
Sort of an unrelated question, but I was wondering if you knew of any speaker makes that are similarly tuned with accuracy in mind like the etymotics. I always hoped to find one that was so well tuned, but often they always have boosts in the upper registers for that sparkly feel....  Wouldn't mind snapping up a pair of good speakers to complement the new etys
His b minor sonata is crazy goodhttps://youtu.be/7C41efM_LCMFor feux follets pogorelich tops it for me
Despite all the emotional intensity her accuracy never suffers which is what I find staggering about her.Ferras has a great Brahms recording that is worth a look in.
Her or Sayaka if you had to choose one or the other? 
Haven't heard any Tretiakov. Time to head to amazon
Hopefully we can continue from Best classical recordings...ever! without getting the thread locked.
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