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I have my TH900's connected to a Burson Soloist and Schiit Gungnir DAC. I am only getting sound out of my right ear on any headphones I try. What's interesting is that sometimes I will get full sound and then it will abruptly stop and I hear a sort of static cracking sound in my left ear and then no sound. Then it will randomly work fine again.   Any thoughts? I'm not sure if it is the DAC or AMP causing the issue? Or perhaps a computer driver??   After spending a fortune I can say that I humbly scored a 1/6 although I never picked the 128kbps   Anyone got it perfect?
FANTASTIC combo. The Soloist seems to pair fantastically with the Gungnir. A world of a difference compared to using the HDVA600. The sennheisers also sound way betteer although I still prefer the fostex. The harsh treble is gone, base hits really energetically. COMPLETELY different sound. Very happy with soloist and TH900.
Anyone know how the cabling is with the new HE 1000? Considering preordering from Moon Audio and get the Silver Dragon V3 cable, but want to know if the stock is solid or not.
Think a burson soloist would power these properly?
I ended up going with the Burson Soloist + Gungnir combo. Crossing my fingers but I've read in multiple places that it pairs beautifully with the th900 as well as any audeze headphones because of its low impendance output. People swear by the Soloist + TH900....It was between that and the violectric v200   Down the line I can see myself getting a planar magnetic and the soloist with 4w output should be able to handle even a LCD-3. Hopefully good pick, certainly should be...
 Thanks for that, you're the second person to tell me the Gungnir isn't a bright DAC. I think the issue just has to do with the combination and the Senns being picky. Will probably go with a WA6 SE and call it a day!
 Definitely a possibility, but I have the same issue with the HD800 connected to the HDVA600/Gungnir. My wife also commented on how at higher volumes there was harshness in the treble. In the past I have owned a WA7 firefly that I connected my HD700 and Denon D2000 with and thought that it sounded AMAZING. That's why after setting this up, I was surprised to find bright sensitivity in the treble.  In the HDVA thread, there was another person with my exact setup who also...
Looks to be the DAC. I posted in another thread where someone with the same setup confirmed the brightness being due to the DAC. In theory, would pairing a bright DAC with a warmer amp help even it out, or best to just sell the gungnir and go for something completely different like wa7.
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