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Haha, I won't deny that I doublechecked exterior wiring and headphone position but no, that's not the problem :P
Anyone paired the WA7 with Sennheiser hd800? Considering buying a pair but the hd800 is finicky with amps and I'd love some input.
Thanks for the responses,   Is there a headphone you would recommend for someone who enjoys classical music and dubstep (polar opposites I know haha) I was considering the Dennon Ah-D7100 but after comparing the ah-d2000's to the 598's/lcd-2 I was not impressed in the least by its performance. After being a classical musician for many years I enjoy a "clean" Sennheiser-like taste with a heavy dennon like bass. Wouldn't hurt to have a bigger soundstage too. Orchestral...
I've had my LCD-2 for a few weeks now and recently set it up with Woo Audios WA7 Firefly (amazing product) The headphones sound great but I have a couple complaints. I've compared the sound to my Dennon AH-D2000, Sennheiser HD700, and Sennheiser 598,   First and foremost, my left and right channels are swapped on the LCD-2. Is this intended or something? I've tested with other phones and have not had this same issue 2nd, driver matching was not nearly as linear as...
Might seem like a silly question but I just got my WA7 Firefly and want to know which voltage I should be using? I hear if I screw it up it will ruin the amp. It seems to be at 110 by default. I live in the USA and was just going to hook it up to my power strip. Do I need to worry about anything?   Thanks a ton
Yes haha, apparently you have to press the power button "in" I had no idea...took me 4 hrs to realize that the power wasn't on.
I ordered in beginning of february and still haven't gotten mine either. Tried emailing them 3 times and no response. Customer service very poor, I also will open a dispute
Just bought the LCD-2 Rosewood from the official Audeze site. Will it come revision 2 with the new cables or should I have gotten bamboo
Under properties it has 16 bit 44.1 hz for cd quality and then 24 bit 199k hz and others inbetween. My DAC/AMP says it supports 24 bit. Do I put it on 2 channel 24 bit x 192k hz or leave it at 16 and 44.1....   very confused
I just bought the NuForce UDH-100. Plugged it in, bought a usb cable (didn't come with one) device software installed correctly. Went to the website and downloaded the driver and followed the installed correctly...went to my playback devices and selected the nuforce spdif-out. Set it as default device, plugged in my headphones....and NOTHING. No sound..have no idea what to do next can someone steer me in the right direction?   Thanks!
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