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Well, I finally re-bought the Dunu Tridents as I couldn't wait 2 weeks for the VSD1s. I'll get them eventually though. From what I read, people seem to like foam tips and I wanna try them too, but the Tridents don't come with a pair of these. Searching, I found that I can buy extra Comply Foam Tips. But there are many types to chose from an I don't know which one fits the Tridents. And I don't know which size I'd like to use (I used medium size silicon tips on the...
I would get the VSD1, but they will take more than two weeks to arrive and I need a pair of earphones cause I don't have any now. I'll probably get them after christmas though. For the time I think I am getting one of the ones I've mentioned before, still don't know which though. Leaning towards Dunu Tridents and Brainwavz Delta.  From what I read Deltas have similar sound with the Tridents which I really like. Any help on that?   Any other suggestion?
zamorin thanks for the help. Still if anyone has some knowledge to contribute on the matter I'd like that. :)
The VSD1 seem pretty decent, but I can't seem to find it in any store in the UK. And I don't really wanna mess with customs. I'll continue trying to find it. What about the others I have listed?
I have checked these threads while reading around the forums the previous days.   Some that may meet my criteria are Soundmagic E30 (although the look a bit "cheap") Soundmagic E10 Soundmagic PL21 (are they too bassy?) Dunu Trident Dunu Crius Dunu Ares (bit more expensive though) Brainwavz M5 From what I read, the Dunu Hephaes would do the job, but are out of my budget (45£). I found these as well: http://www.head-fi.org/t/684371/brainwavz-delta-review Any...
First time writing, though I read the forums from time to time when I need audio advice.   I need a pair of in-ear headphones for listening to rock and metal. Almost all genres, but mainly progressive/post. I am not an audiophile, I just like to listen to music in the best possible quality for my budget and needs. I was using a pair of Dunu Trident for almost a year now, but some days ago they decided to stop working. Actually the right earpiece is not working at all...
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