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Was someone looking for a matched pair of USAF-596?
NOS 596 Matched Pair.  5U4G 5AR4 GZ34 compatible with adapters (not included).  This is a rare find, purchased from a fellow at Head-fi for double what I'm starting this listing at.  I had the intention of using them in an amp I never ended up purchasing.   They are collecting dust, my loss your gain. Adapters can be found here: This tube...
I got a 596 up for sale.  NOS.  PM me.
Anyone driving these with a Woo WA6?  What tubes are you using? Does it have enough power?
Anyone using a Woo WA6 with these?  Can it drive these?   Thanks
Anyone try the HiFiMan HE-400i with the WA6 yet?   Thanks
Looking for both items.  I would like to use Bitcoin as payment.   Thank you
Looking for this amp, would be nice if you have the banana plug to headphone adapter cable as well.   Have Bitcoin for trade.   Thanks
Hands down best tube I have ever placed inside my Woo Audio WA6.  Makes the sophia princess sound like the stock tube.  I have mine paired with 6SN7, pure bliss.  Good luck
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