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Anyone driving these with a Woo WA6?  What tubes are you using? Does it have enough power?
Anyone using a Woo WA6 with these?  Can it drive these?   Thanks
Anyone try the HiFiMan HE-400i with the WA6 yet?   Thanks
Looking for both items.  I would like to use Bitcoin as payment.   Thank you
Looking for this amp, would be nice if you have the banana plug to headphone adapter cable as well.   Have Bitcoin for trade.   Thanks
Hands down best tube I have ever placed inside my Woo Audio WA6.  Makes the sophia princess sound like the stock tube.  I have mine paired with 6SN7, pure bliss.  Good luck
Adapter:   Tube: ???
This guys going on ebay soon, thought I would offer to my fellow headfiers first.  I am looking for a nice pair of headphones, Amp or speakers as a trade.  Prefer local trade because of the weight but am open to anything.   I built this NAS for a project that never got off the ground.  It is a 15 hot swap bay for massive storage.  Can be a movie, music or file streamer.  Plug in your own hard drives and add to the storage pool.  Has the potential to be a 30TB server...
Anyone try a Brimar GZ32?  I have done side by side testing between it and the 596, and it is very close.  The sound signature is very close, mechanical/analytical. The exception that the 596 goes slightly deeper on the low end.  Easily beats out the Sophia and stock rec that come with the WA6.  Very impressed so far...
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