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There is a CyanogenMod 10.1 based rom that combines Timur's kernel with the jacknorris mods. It supports hotplugging, usb charging, FI etc. Everything is configurable in the settings menu. It's pretty slick.http://mehrvarz.github.com/nexus-7-usbrom/
I'm having a similar issue with my Ayre QB-9. It works with USB Audio Recorder Pro with the default settings, but there is no sound with any of the Nexus 7 kernels I've tried (Trinity, Faux, Timur, jacknorris). While the QB-9isn't a portable headphone dac, it does use the Streamlength async usb protocol, so I'm wondering if this is the problem. I'm also using a regular usb otg cable and not a Y cable.Has anyone got a DAC using Streamlength async usb to work with an android...
Timur's kernel supports battery charging with a usb otg Y cable:http://rootzwiki.com/topic/37755-timurs-kernel-usb-host-power-management-usb-audio/
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