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I haven't tried the K702, but I think the K5xx lines are tuned significantly different from their K7xx line.The K550, in spite of its flaws, did have excellent clarity and I used it for video editing where analytical listening is required. For "fun" listening such as games and movies I preferred the ATH-A900X.The K553 has improved on the K550 so much that I now consider it superior to the A900X in every way except for may be the treble extension (but given a choice I would...
Most user reviews I've read said the K545 is more bassy than the K550 (more v-shaped supposedly). I hsvent heard ghe K545 myself, though I was never fully happy with the K550.The K553 to my ears is much improved, though.
The way you summarized the K545 sounds a lot like how I would have sumnarized the K550.I did a comparison review of the K550 and K553 for those curious about the differences.
I wasn't able to find official pads either but I did get a pair of aftermarket pads on ebay (only $10 so i figured why not) and I can confirm that they work perfectly. Obviously craftsmanship and material aren't as nice, but like I said, $10 and sound signature wasn't affected as far as I can tell (they are circular pads).
I am intersted in demoing the PM-3, and agree to the loaner program terms & conditions. Trying to decide between Focal Spirit Pro, NAD Viso HP50, Sennheiser Momentum, and the Oppo PM-3 for my next set. Anyone have experience with these other cans? How do they compare to each other? I've read so many conflicting reviews, it's really confusing.
Just did some quick comparisons with the ATH-A900X (which I also really enjoy). Here are my impressions:   The A900X remains a more "fun" listen, with more pronounced upper-mid bass and upper treble. Gunshots and explosions in movies as well as percussive instruments in music still have more heft on the A900X (the "punch" provided by the upper-mid bass). K553 remains the more analytical-sounding of the two; in spite of the bass increase from the K550, the upper-mid...
Depends on your head size - clamping force feels comparable between the K550 and K553, to me. I have a larger head though, so both set provided sufficient seal for me. If the K550 was too loose for you then... you will probably be spending a few hours bending the headband on the K553. xD
Actually I saw a few online retailers selling K553 for close to the Mass Drop price (around $130, shipping included), not sure if those deals are still up (since they might have been competing with the Mass Drop deal)
Just got mine as well.   I also have a pair of K550 that I've owned for over two years. For those who were asking for a comparison, I have written up a review here. http://www.head-fi.org/t/778558/comparison-review-akg-k550-k553
Update: Tyll Hertsens at InnerFidelity has expressed interest in doing a review of the K553. I was told to contact him in mid-October. I will be shipping him my K553 for lab measurements; look forward to seeing the results.   The Famed K550 Just Got Better - For Cheaper   I've owned a pair of K550 for over two years now, and while I have grown quite fond of them, I was never fully happy with the way they sound. The treble does sound a bit unnatural - as noted by many...
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