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Tape mode already applied :COn another note, do cables need burn-in?
Just received my silver [Silver + 1% Gold (26/50)] cable from plussound. I find that the entire sound spectrum got a bit of a push. A little bit more towards Mid Frequencies and a substantial amount the Low Freuqencies. I would say they synergize well with the IE80s sound signature, however the bass prominent headphones just got bassier (if there is such a word >.>). Its like i removed the tape mod and turned it the dial all the way up...  Any1 know how i can...
Double post
Thank you for the quick and detialed reply. Hoping the hiss wont get in the way of the music . Bought the item off today due to its attractive price point. My first dap other than the generic apples. Will definitely keep a look out on the newer release. And for that i need dough. Thank god im in a coop program. That aside, I'm excited to hear how well it pairs up with the ie80s.
Hi lee. just bought a used studio v. from another head-fier. is the jump for v-1 to v-3 significant or will i be hanging myself for getting the v1?
Sigh... Its sad how fast 1k disappears in exchange for better sq... I'll probably purchase a studio v and say goodbye to this website... At least until i get my tax returns. Sad being a broke university bum .
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Can anyone recommend me a good DAP that can synergize well with the ie80s?
  ... That's a scary story man. Lately, I have been constantly swapping cables on my ie80 as to determine whether the 250 silver upgrade was justified. >.< hopefully the Canadian Senn customer dept. will be much more accommodating when the same mishap happens to my ie80s   My condolences.   ** On another note, i have learned to love the tape mod. Spent a week with the tape mod and decided to remove it yesterday... Like H20Fidelity said, "...just needed some...
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