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Im in Canada and the auvio tips are out of my reach. Can some1 help me get these, while i wait for my ciems?
Hopefully this would be leaps and bounds better than my beloved IE80s.
Thanks dude, i was able to nab a pair thnx to your post . Wont be able to get impressions till the tenth though; due to work D:.
Subbed. Studio V replacement?
Looking for a pair of used Heir Audio 8.A Preferably in good condition   Please mail me your offers. Thank your for your time and have a great day.
  Will research more on the 1964s. Price is attractive, but i would probably exceed my cap (ear molds). Currently using a Studio V (non-anv.) and does compliment the ie80s very well (bass included). I guess going customs is the only way to go for a more specialized sound signature >.<.    
  Using a Studio V as my pmp. No Eq in that small brick, however, i have tried the Eq on Iphone's Flac Player app. I kinda solved the problem by playing lowering the 64 - 125 Hz frequencies, but i do not want to be restricted by it. 
After a couple of months with the IE80s, I have come to the conclusion that they are TOO bassy (mod tape applied). I feel as if I'm drowning when listening to  some of Marvin Gaye and John Legend's tracks. Love the sound stage and its mid-centric character but would like to have a decrease emphasis on the lower frequencies.  Can anyone recommend me an IEM that fit these descriptions; preferably below $700?     Don 
PM Sent
Thank you sir!  
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