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I have a set of IE80s in good/mint condition ( No damage, scratches, dents... nuthin). I am its first owner, purchase on 01/09/13, and I would like to trade it for your mint/good condition 'Sennheiser HD-650/600'.   Wiling to Add Cash!! Do not hesitate to send me a PM.   The item will come with its original packaging, accessories and its receipt.   I will include a generous amount of ear-tips ( 2 Sets of M&L AUVEO Tips, 3 Sets of M&L JVC Tips) and a pair of...
Do you find them comfortable? Been trying them for a couple of days now and i cant have them in my ears for more than an hour; ears just get too sore.
Beautiful. I would love to buy them, but would probably have to sell my left kidney. )
Hi Lee, I've seen a couple of your post on the jh13pro thread. Assuming you have them, can you give me an impression between the jh13 vs 1+2? The waiting time on my ciems is so long and the chance getting a refit is just... With these reason, im looking at the 1+2 with great interest. Please school me sensei.
Hey guys. I noticed that most people had their bite block between their front teeth when doing their impressions. I had the bite block on the canine - 1st molar; as suggested by the audiologist. I'm just wondering if this would cause a big difference in fit and comfort.    I'm wish for the perfect fit on the first try, since the nearest audiologist is 450 km away .
Im in Canada and the auvio tips are out of my reach. Can some1 help me get these, while i wait for my ciems?
Hopefully this would be leaps and bounds better than my beloved IE80s.
Thanks dude, i was able to nab a pair thnx to your post . Wont be able to get impressions till the tenth though; due to work D:.
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