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Yes. Send me a private message, well talk then.
Same batch i see. Hope we don't get any more delays. Also hoping for the perfect fit
You know, that's what I told myself ... during the first week of waiting. Then after that I was like, "FML.". And as for cables, try plussoundaudio. Great quality and price (in comparison to twag cables).
Another massive price drop. Need to sell fast
Kudos to you. Works like a charm
They just shipped mine today... And to think the "rep" was convincing me to pay the extra 250$ 2 days ago to expedite it. Anyway, the heat is off jhaudio, its now on the mailman whos carrying it. I pray to god he arrives on time... Otherwise I'd go "Hannibal Lecter" on his ass.
The impressions were recieved on 06-10. And speaking of cables, i order an 8-strand silver+1%gold (plussoundaudio) a week after sending the payment for the jh13. And its already with me. I whip the children on my block with it in anticipation of the jh13s. Jokes aside, i wish jhaudio can update their customers' orders more often and with more info. In regards to its production state.
Its been a month and I still dont get a solid response from the CS on its current status... Sigh** if only i've known about the rush service earlier.
What are good portable amps to pair with the 3rdAnv.?
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