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Didnt want to admit it, but my right earpiece is a lil bit shallow and is lacking some girth. Its just not as secure as the left earpiece. i dont want to see them go as i just got them... Anyone know the avrg. Turnover time for a reshell?
Still for Sale!
Holy dam. It takes a LOooOOng time to get the perfect seal. It took me to 10 min of turning and twisting to get the rich, full sound that i experienced before removing them. I guess "too deep" does exist as it blocks 2-3 of the bore holes making them sound lame. Hopefully i get better on finding the right spot quickly lol
The ladies have arrived. They are stunning in red and fits prefectly.               I was shocked when i first heard them (studio V on max volume; kidding). The soundstage and resolution is a very obvious upgrade from the IE80. The disgustingly overpowered bass of the IE80 has died down, while still having enough punch and emphasis to make me smile. I have been listening to them for about three hours now while installing hardwood on out basement....
Gratz. My lil bro is attached to the window for an hour now. He's smart. I pay him my almost at my hourly rate...Not sure when my cables will arrive
LoloL. I did this once when i order my desktop rig. And the courier left at the same time i returned after my bathroom break...I pray to god that this doesnt happen to you.
Initally: QC15, Inspirations, Studios, Klipsch M40 1st week: IE80 3rd month: SE535 5th month (06/13) : Jh13Pro
Yes. Send me a private message, well talk then.
Same batch i see. Hope we don't get any more delays. Also hoping for the perfect fit
You know, that's what I told myself ... during the first week of waiting. Then after that I was like, "FML.". And as for cables, try plussoundaudio. Great quality and price (in comparison to twag cables).
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