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Anyone needs an IE80? check out the link below.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/670637/sennheiser-ie80-for-sale-or-for-your-hd-650-600-or-any-solid-over-ear-monitors#post_9724514
Hi there, I have two excellent CIEM cables for sale.    1.)   X8 (100% Silver) Cable - 8 Strand   **Pictures 5-6   Cable: X8 series Custom Cable 5 Feet Wire: Silver 26/50 (Type 1)(Cryo Treated) Braid Type: Square Plug: Oyaide Rhodium Plated Right Angle Slider: Dark Brown Round Wood L & R Heatshrink Color: Black   Regular Price : $382.99 (US) not including shipping Asking Price: 320.00 (US), Ground shipping included     2.)  EXO (Silver+Gold)...
Just got my JH13s from the refit. I am finally able to enjoy them without continuously fiddling with the right earpiece. Other than that, my only regret is buying a pair of silver cables that cost almost as the JH13s. And still I am not able to discern the difference between them :(.
Canada computers. If you look closely on one ofthe photos with the receipt. You would see the store and the item.
Found out that the drivers on mine were't "matched" Using the test below: "driver matching" http://www.audiocheck.net/Audio/audiocheck.net_headphonesweep20Hz-10kHz.mp3   I have compared my 13s with my fxz-200 (gym phones) and found the 13s to be around 80* - 84* while the fxz-200 to be around 88* - 89* (with 90* being dead center). Sigh..  
Yeah I made the mistake of going full retard on the cables. I should've chosen the 4-strand as they look very flexible as the jh-stock cable. The difference made by the cable is very subtle; its there, but requires one's full attention to notice. I was painting on of the rooms of my house while I had an x8 (silver/gold) and all i noticed is the increased presence of the mids/vocals. Will give them a good, long, quiet listen tonight. Hopefully the burning them in would...
Got both my silver and silver+1%gold this morning. Found the silver/gold more to my liking :/.  If anyone is interested in cables, i have an 8 strand pure silver from plussound with right angle rhodium connector; brand new (used for an hour A/Bing).  I have the receipt and everything ( bought the thing 382.99USD). Can be bought for $330 USD (shipped).   Save some time and buy it from me :D.     Sigh.. Its so vexing to get the cables the day that the Jh13s...
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