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Hi guys. Does dx50+d12 = ipod+d12 in terms of SQ?
Selling my 48" Whiplash Hybrid v3.  CIEM connectors & Straight Oyaide plated plug. School has started and have barely used my jh13s and this cable. Less than 30 hours on the item. Looking to get some cash to invest on a better DAP. Price includes S&H and  PP Fees !!!   Open for Trades: DAP, Headphones
Can someone tell me the "proposed" spec for the X5? Or are they yet to be finalized?
Hi there! New Subscriber here. Just wondering if there is a chance of seeing the X5 before Christmas?
 Cable failure. Oh man. Guess I'm returning my 13s again, as I expect the whiplash v3 hybrid to last me at least a year or two. Thanks for the advice though.
The pin connectors on my JH13s are loose due to A/Bing between cables :(. It would kill me to part with them again.  Does anyone know a quick fix for loose connectors? 
I'm planning on pairing the DX50 with the jh13s. That said, would I still require an amp to maximize SQ?
What case do you guys use/plan on using with it? It doesnt seem to come with a silicon /leather case from what i can see on the pictures posted.
OH MAN! The DX50 looks " I. L. L." Eagerly waiting for more impressions 
 Your reply is appreciated.I was just HOPING that due to amount that whiplash asks for their 8-wire v3 hybrids, that they would have at least fixed the discoloration of their wires.
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