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61.2 lbs 63.4 lbs 64.4 lbs
lol this guy.
Shipping (Us & Canada) & PP Fees covered at asking price.
I have a Studio V (8 GB) for sale. Has some a few scratches on the back and front. Overall condition:  8/10 Included, is a 75 Ohm adapter, which totally fixed its only sonic issue; the slight back ground hiss. Also comes with a small black pouch & a USB Charger. Works great and sounds great. Great companion for those long airplane rides / transition flights. This guy has over 3 days of juice to play FLAC files non-stop. Does not come with original packaging. S&H...
 Thanks for commenting, I was under the impression that the "musicality" will all be dependent on the D12 alone since, as you have stated, it bypasses the internal circuit.The thought of this made me consider the 240gb iPod. The size and fluidity of the iPod is very attractive and would probably kill any of my attempts to upgrade (mostly because of memory size) ;minus the size when stacked with the D12. I have no experience on amps, so this is coming from pure...
Hi guys. Does dx50+d12 = ipod+d12 in terms of SQ?
Selling my 48" Whiplash Hybrid v3.  CIEM connectors & Straight Oyaide plated plug. School has started and have barely used my jh13s and this cable. Less than 30 hours on the item. Looking to get some cash to invest on a better DAP. Price includes S&H and  PP Fees !!!   Open for Trades: DAP, Headphones
Can someone tell me the "proposed" spec for the X5? Or are they yet to be finalized?
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