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V-moda M-80s are on sale for $79.99 at best buy's site for a 4 hour flash sale. Link:
I got mine Tuesday.  2 JLab J5s (red and black), 1 JLab J6 (silver), 1 JLab Comfort with mic (pink, gave to my mother).  They should make good presents/stocking-stuffers.
Monster DNA on-ear (cobalt blue) on sale for $89.99 (normally $200) at neweggflash for 15 hours.
Thanks for the heads-up on the esw9a's. I'd been meaning to get a pair of woodies for a while now.
Woot has the Image One (bluetooth version) for $99.
Neweggflash has the UE-4000s for $29.99
Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphones on sale at Neweggflash for $109.99 (amazon has them at $157.50).  Impressions thread here:  ​ .
Klipsh A5i Sport IEMs on sale for $50 at sellout.woot (normal price is $129.99). Link:
Neweggflash (newegg deals site currently has deals on several Sennheiser products, most notably the HD600 for $299.99.
I bought a pair from Newegg (@$60).  They should arrive in couple of hours. I had been debating buying a pair since November, when I decided to upgrade from my KRK KNS-6400s; but I wound up deciding on the Sennheiser HD600s instead.  Then I wound up needing a pair of closed-back portables for a trip in couple of weeks (apparently other people don't want to hear my music during a 12-13 hour trip), so I ordered these.  Hopefully, they will be as amazing as everyone says.
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