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I don't disagree with using the spell, but when people make the game unenjoyable by exploiting cheap tactics (they are cheap, even though I agree they are part of the game and can be used freely) and then proceed to act like dicks it can ruin the game for other people.  I use wrath of the gods and I do back-stabs, but I do them as part of fights when it actually is part of the session.  I don't try to only use back-stabs or wrath of the gods like some people do.  Ideally...
Okay, so I see a lot of people on here that seem like they are getting into the swing of things on Dark Souls.  Let me offer some advise to anyone who wants to listen to it :).  Okay so first and foremost, any player can do well as long as he knows the rules of combat.  Soul level 1 play throughs are possible with correct item raising etc.  This illusrates the importance of combat tactics, learn your parrys and dodges!   Secondly, decide on what type of character you...
Maybe I play Dark Souls too much... logged over 200 hours, multiple 200+ lvl characters, every achievement and can run through the game in like 4-5 hours with a friend :p.  I've just been sooo addicted to it and the fact that I PVP all the time like a fiend.  Gets to be tons of fun when you get good.
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