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As a long time guitar gear head, it's easy for me to tell digital vs. analog. the problem is the industry has made everything smaller and easier by killing quality. So unless you are ready to give up space, cash, and go see some live music, settle for the thin processed digital sounds. Mp3 vs cd???? Both are sharp, tiny, distorted pieces of the original, but you can't fit a full analog band in your car or pocket. Think I'm gonna put on the Red Hot Chiili Peppers latest...
Haven't really compared portable speakers but I received the Bose soundlink as Christmas present. It blows away the little Memorex triple A I had. Higher volumes turn muddy and strain the amp but the battery life seems good. For atmosphere away from power or just to force feed your taste in public, Id say its great. Worth the bones, nahhhh!
Thanks so much, I'm looking on ear or cans now. Stopped by TJ Maxx and grabbed some Philips 9550's on a whim for $8. With the BBE they sound cool on the go. Amazed at how much Im changing the settings for different albums. My next step is an additional pair of larger phones for my guitar rig. The JVC are on tap for now.
Need advice!  I'm a newb to the forum and have been researching different options for ipad, iphone, and POD guitar sessions.. I need a quality set on or in ear phones but I'm on a tight budget ($40). I jam with a POD pedal daily and listen to some of my favorite bands on my iphone (Brant Bjork, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, Clutch, guitar stuff ect.) I dont need a bloated base, but enjoy a bottom that doesn't sound thin, a tight lowish-mid, shimmering but subtle highs. I'm...
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