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Yes, but now that we know I may be willing to purchase a pair of Ether pads as well as a few spare mounting rings so I can compare Alpha pads, Ether pads, and stock.
You're overthinking this a bit. My guess is that Fostex made the TH-X00 due to the dismal sales of the TH600 and used the leftover parts like the alloy frame and the 1.0 Tesla driver to retune and essentially create a new line. The TH600 is officially discontinued but you can still buy them online. Also if I might add, the way your attitude towards the TH-X00 seems a little prejudiced? If I spent $2000 MSRP or even $1200 on a TH900 I would probably feel the same way if the...
I thought there was going to be an announcement for the official Chord Mojo case. Maybe they are delaying because they don't want to drop the ball until their distributors have them first.
Something inside told me to check Head-fi today.. now where is that Chord Mojo case?
There is a member on an audio forum I am not supposed to mention, that has done many mods to tame the TH900 and still couldn't get it to measure quite as well as the TH-X00. I wish someone would swap the TH900 driver into the TH-X00 to get the extra resolution of the higher tesla-rated driver but still retain the midrange body of the TH-X00. The few times I have listened to the TH900 I always thought they sounded good but the midrange balance was off and had slightly...
Nice impressions. Shrill highs and collapsed soundstage are the first things that came to mind when I auditioned a slew of Sabre DACs and other delta-sigma variants. Something special about the Yggy, Theta, and Bifrost MB (all of which I have heard and/or owned) is that they share the same cohesive sound and imaging. What makes them all vastly different is the amount of resolution and the amount of drive in the midrange and bass that I believe are dependent upon other...
I'm looking forward to the new Mojo case! I can't wait til it drops on Thursday! So far no scratches on my Mojo, I bought a Dignis leather case for my Fiio X3II which wasn't nearly as expensive as the Dignis Mojo case but I am pleased with the quality of the leather and materials.   Also, I am glad I didn't buy the Dignis Mojo case cause the concept designs of the Chord case were much nicer looking than the Dignis cases for the Mojo.
  Very nice! I grabbed my Progeny in May from a pawn shop in Florida. It looked like it was  boxed up and someone forgot about it completely cause there isn't a single nick or scratch on the vinyl wrapping or the aluminum faceplate. Is yours a version A? There should be a sticker on the back near the inputs if it is. And yes.. It should sound much better than the Modi cause I preferred mine over the Bifrost Uber and also the MB I upgraded to.
  It was my fault I think. I just gave a comparison of my old school Theta "burrito filter" which is a 12 kilo army tank and set it next to the Mojo with favorable results going both ways. I was more or less impressed by the fact that the Theta didn't sound outdated at all except when playing hi-res music cause I was downsampling everything to 16-bit. A brief look at our inconvenient history: 
So after owning the Mojo for a few weeks I have to say that it is an amazing DAC regardless of size. Speed, detail, neutrality, soundstage, everything checks off for me in those areas.   But, my 1994 Theta has held its own. I was worried it was going to be outclassed in every way but that was not the case. The Theta is still a reference sound and technology since the 90s hasn't advanced to the point that what people thought sounded "good", really has changed much.   It...
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