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 Hmmm.. I really want to try the TH900 driver transplant into the THX00. That is the only thing aside from the cups, pads, and foam that sets them apart from each other. But.. Denon AHD-7200?? Is this the holy grail headphone we have been waiting for? Basically a more luxurious D7000/THX00 with a new biocellulose driver and beautiful detachable cables.. not the fugly ones on the TH900 mk2 and TH610
I am glad the longer wait payed off for the ebony buyers. I wouldn't have waited that long but seeing as how they turned out I am sure it was worth it for you. 
Thanks for your impressions! Now that the cups are available from EMU directly I may have to give it a whirl. One of the things I like about the TH-X00s in mahogony configuration with lambskin pads is that they have a good frequency response and I can take off my headphones and listen to my Ascend Sierra 2's with no huge differences in what I am hearing. The Sierra 2's though have a much more nuanced detail and high frequency reach with the RAAL custom 70-20XR ribbon...
Glad to see there are more happy Ether C owners. I am still debating on whether an Ether C, C Flow, or Flow are right for me. The only way to find out is to give them all a listen in a quiet environment.    I moved on to speakers for the time being. The latest headphone developments all cost too much for my budget.. I'm in a happy world of ribbon tweeters right now with my Ascend bookshelf speakers.    I would love to hear some "electrostat-like" planars if the Ether...
I got overwhelmed yesterday and totally forgot about the meet. Sorry I missed out guys :( Next meet that comes up in LA or CamJam I will try to be a part of a member's showcase and I will bring my girlfriend too ;)
It's actually here: I understand what they mean though and customization would raise the price of their other products since it would mean slowdown of all production in general or a new team of payed employees to handle the painting.. Me thinks that it is something they will offer down the road if their company booms in the stereo market and they feel...
Nice! I am sure this has been discussed many times, but I wish anodized black came as a standard Schiit option. I may have to wait till I see a black B-stock Freya which may never happen if Schiit has streamlined production and QC to such a high degree now.
I must be behind. I will check that out now asap!!!
Okay so Jotunheim was kind of cool. I want a full size preamp/phono stage thingy though. I mean the Jotunheim is great for a smaller setup.. but now I expect something in the Mjolnir/Gungnir chassis that is also a preamp. Would be nice to have a killer preamp in a world of overpriced crap. The only good stuff out there you can find used now.
I will be there again this year!! I think that is three San Diego meets in a row now for me??   Anyways, I stopped listening to headphones as much as I used to. I just got an old Adcom GFA-555 (Nelson Pass designed) and paired it up to some Ascend Sierra 2's and I have finally found a pairing that delivers the goods.   I will bring a BH Crack, EAD CD-1000 Series III, and HD600s. No Theta DAC this year though. I have that one hooked up to my stereo system.  
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