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Yes! I wonder what this will do for the value of early Mahogany headhones. I have serial #274.. and not many QC issues except the stain is a little bit lighter around some of the edges of the cups than it should be like brush strokes but only noticeable when looking very close. Also the finish is somewhat fragile and I would hate to drop these headphones because that would not be good if they landed on the cup.. not a very durable finish. I might lightly sand them with...
I think the TH-X00 does need burn in. Maybe it comes down to individual drivers in headphones that determines if the sound changes with burn-in. I do find that subbass increases and the highs aren't as sharp after burning in a few hundred hours of pink noise.
Bump.. DT1880 must be coming soon if we have had 1770 and 1990
Does anyone else feel like a DT1880 is on the way? I am going to hold off on the next  headphone purchase and wait til we see what happens. 
I saw a guy once wearing a Sennheiser HD580 on an airplane LOL. Then I also remember seeing someone with the ATH-ES9 woodies at an airport. So there are people with some decent cans out there.   I also got compliments from a guy who recognized my TH-X00's I wore on an airplane. He had Beats on and told me he saw those before and wanted to buy them.
I would think Auralic would pair nice with a dark sounding headphone like the LCD-2.2.. but the BW seems more promising overall to have that "goldilocks" sort of sound.
That sucks that the last drops left a bad taste in your mouth. I was part of the first TH-X00 drop (serial # 00274) and the drop went very smoothly. No shipping delays, no beating around the bush.. had them before Christmas too. Sorry you are having such a bad experience.. I really don't know how that feels cause everything about the TH-X00 went very smoothly for me and I didn't even have to part with my money for much longer than a month.
 I like Def Leppard Vault.. their greatest hits CD. I agree though with why you might leave this one out depending on the crowd you're with. Very very 80s sounding hard rock/metal full of electronic drums. 
There are many PCM DACs from the 90's that I would bet money on that sound better than a lot of the new "32-bit" delta-sigma DACs
I wouldn't recommend them for an airplane.. They're just a little too big on your head and the cable is wayyy to long... Isolation isn't the greatest cause these are semi-open, but once music starts playing you don't hear the ambient noise of the aircraft. I took them with me to Peru on my trip over the summer. It takes awhile to coil the cable while sitting in  your tiny airplane seat. These do make very good travel cans if you are staying at a hotel or a house and you...
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