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Of course. I wouldn't hurt someones chances at auction. I'll let it be though. They've been going for that price though since 2008 so I wouldn't jump to conclusions so fast
Attention, there are some Thetas on eBay. Surprised at how many "watchers" are on both listings. Both are very desirable and I can vouch for one of them.   "If there is a reason why DACs of past is still favorably looked upon, the ____________ is one such reason. This DAC has amazingly depth and soundstage and unlike many other newer sub-$1000 DACs, the Theta placed more emphasize on the soul of the music rather than bringing forth music through lots of bits and...
I read the SF meet impressions on the Geek Out V2. If it poops on the Chord Hugo TT I will have to give it a try. I'm looking for a good portable DAC
I've owned my Alpha Dogs for a year and haven't considered selling them at all. Hell, I appreciated them a whole lot more after I got a vintage R2R DAC that blows away my Bifrost Uber. The sound is amazing.. sure not as fast and dynamic as the Ether which had some visceral sound. But the Alpha Dogs are tonally perfect for me.. they hit all checkpoints from highs, mids, and lows. Sure they aren't as punchy as some dynamics, but they extend lower and aren't as exaggerated...
These specific masterings by Barry Diament are the gold standard for Bob Marley recordings.. I highly recommend it for your CD collections
I'm not sure. I would demo them first. I heard the Philips Fidelio X2 and it has outstanding bass for an open headphone. It surely decimated my DT880. I preferred the planar holographics and tonality of the Alpha Dog though over both. I would rather have the X2 though than the DT880 as my preferable sound signature. The X2 has a lot more bass than DT880
That's sweet! I have the Vanquish with the clear sleeving and it looks pretty flashy haha this should explain things a bit. I believe it was remastered but I am not sure I have to look at the CD when I get home
I will be buying a Schiit SYS so I can give a better and more accurate comparison between Uber and Theta. I didn't know the product existed until someone mentioned it the other day.. I'm just not up to date with my Schiit. 
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