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I felt that the HD650 scales to amazing heights when paired with some really nice gear. I heard it at CanJam 2015 for maybe the third or fourth time at Vinni Rossi's LIO station. I will tell you that the LIO is like an analog bass boost with the crazy power supply it has.   The HD650 really told an honest tale of how the source sounded. The LIO is full of bass, and also full of digital glare. The HD650 had incredible bass with the LIO, but shrieky and bright highs like a...
So yeah its been over a year now and I still love my Alpha Dogs. They seem to do a good job of showing ambient cues in recordings and have a "room feel" that I can hear studio reverb effects in a haunting way with vocals.   I probably won't own another pair of headphones until I get an Ether. I really do think the Alpha Dog kicks headphone ass and prefer it over the stock HD800 I have heard.   IMO the Alpha Dogs really lived up to the initial hype train that got...
Hey Purrin if you are around what do you think of Esoteric's lineup and PCM63 DACs? I correct myself, they mostly use PCM1704 chips. I saw an Esoteric D-3 and I was wondering if you have heard this one before. It uses 8x AD1862N chips
I was reading around a bit and with the Audio-GD DAC-19 it looks like you can set the jumper on the DSP to adjust the settings and filter.
Technically I own a 1K system that I can enjoy 99% as much as Dan's Ether + Yggy + WA5 and not break my wallet at the same time. Progeny + Asgard 2 + Alpha Dogs is a fantastic sounding setup.. the Progeny makes the Alpha Dogs sound more open than my Bifrost Uber. Next Head-fi members LA or San Diego meet I will demonstrate.. I have had a little bit too much to drink tonight. Finished my final exams and ceramics projects for my critique I had tonight. I am in celebration...
I agree. There is nothing wrong with preferring one flagship over another. If anyone were to bother to read the 6moons review of the TotalDAC D1-Dual it gets the highest praises from Srajen who has heard more gear than most of us all combined. He mentions it as his king of the hill DAC
Nice to hear your impressions. I think the Ether reflects the DAC/amp chain so well. The Yggy + WA5 is truly something out of this world.
TotalDac D1-Dual is not shy to review either it was on 6 Moons. Of course when the time comes there will surely be a Yggy v. A or Uber or some other name. Gen V -> VA it is the logical progression for the Schiit team
It honestly isn't a bad idea. Seeing the shortage of decent physical media players out there it seems reasonable. If you look on eBay you will see an abundance of bids for vintage CD players from the 80s and 90s. To say that the market isn't feasible or will eventually die out is just dumb. The bid wars on eBay speak louder than words..
 It has been confirmed!!! Good reason for me to not sell my Bifrost Uber and wait it out for awhile. If it sounds as good as my Progeny which is a trickle down Gen VA then I will probably sell the Progeny cause it takes up all my space on my desk. Usually what sounds the best is never very convenient or portable..
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