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Here's a neat little comparison from audiophilia website of the Assemblage (Sonic Frontiers) DAC-2 and DS Pro Progeny if any of you have heard one or the other this might be good for reference.   "At the opposite end of the frequency spectrum, the DAC-2 had a satisfyingly deep bottom end, with only the deepest of deep bass notes getting short shrift. The throbbing bass lines on tracks from Holly Cole's Temptation didn't...
haha awesome! I am making the drive tomorrow in my old Honda. I am leaving very early probably around 5 AM
My Theta plugs into a wall and it doesn't have an on/off switch. I just leave it plugged in and that way it is always warmed up and I can't fault it in any way.
Would love to hear the Gen V Purrin
In that case maybe I will bring my DT880 too and you can have a listen. I would love to hear a tamed DT880 it has always been a little too sparkly and not neutral enough. That R2R bass and texture.. it really lacks the blurred edges and digital grit of the S-D DAC sound. Detail in the highs isn't thrown in your face like a lot of S-D Dacs and may even sound "rolled off" but I can confirm it doesn't because I have tested tracks back to back and cymbal crashes sound real. If...
 You still have a lot to hear  
I'm lucky to have scooped up a pristine Theta DS Pro Progeny off eBay for $276 + free shipping. It bests the Bifrost Uber in so many ways. That is why the Yggdrasil is on its way. R2R + super filter = musical heaven. I have what is similar to a single ended Yggdrasil or Gen V and I can tell you with the Asgard 2 I will put up my single ended setup against the very best SE setups and will at CanJam  
Bill I will be glad to come back and check out your setup. I will have my Alpha Dogs too. If you get a chance though you should come up to the 3rd floor and listen to my Theta DS Pro Progeny which uses a digital filter not unlike the one in the Yggy other than new tech because Mike M designed it. Better yet, if you want to have another DAC on your table I would stick around and donate it for your purposes even though it is a single-ended setup. I don't have a source like a...
I'm so excited!!! I'm going to pack up my gear tomorrow and then get up at 4AM and drive to the OC. I have experienced some pretty bad traffic in Oceanside and north of there around San Clemente on weekends just to let you guys know so be wary if you are driving up from San Diego.
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