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 I see you're expecting some TH-X00's soon. Let me know how they sound when you do receive them. I was surprised by how much I enjoy them compared to my HD600s for regular listening.. They do so much good and very little wrong IMO. I had to compare them directly to my HD600s to find them very close but more of a "you're there" with the HD600 and the TH-X00 having better bass authority and balance with the rest of the sound. I think the bass tightens up a bit too with...
Wow! That was quick!!! I was about to PM you too. I can live with my Theta progeny though 
My beefy Theta DS Pro progeny v. A feeding my Asgard 2 really makes the TH-X00 Mahogony fill out with bass. The Chord Mojo is a fantastic DAC but it doesn't have the weight or oomph of the old Theta.. tight bass response but not subterranean rumble. This is after spending almost a month in Peru and coming back home to my PC setup and instantly noticing this. It's a lot fuller sounding as how I'd imagine the Yggdrasil or MSB Analog would sound but the the latter more...
I'm in Huaral about an hour and a half north of Lima the capital, but the humidity is around 70% and temperature is 65 Fahrenheit. I don't sense that humidity will damage my gear and I'm also indoors with the window shut.
The Mojo is fine with the case on it. No overheating
This is my portable rig. I'm in Peru right now at my girlfriend's house cheering on the US olympic basketball team while I enjoy some music. I'm running the Fiio X3II to my Chord Mojo in the beautiful leather case from Chord and listening through my Fostex TH-X00. I could live happily ever after with this setup.. just dont let me demo the Ether Flow or Ether C Flow.. I fear for my wallet and I told myself I was done spending money on headphones.
HD600 -> BH Crack (stock) -> EAD CD-1000 series III with Elna Silmic II caps in output stage is endgame for me. I keep my HD600s for listening to CDs on the couch. ThX00 handles all modern music with lots of bass.
I'm thinking of pulling the plug and going with the Ether C Flow.. I'm just worried that it will underwhelm me. I think if it retains the magic if Ether 1.1 but with more bass slam and a little more warmth I could be sold. Its just that its so expensive and my Fostex ThX00 with Alpha pads do such a fine job for less than 1/4 the price.
Thanks for the sweet impressions guys. I really wish I knew about the first run when it was going. I'm sure there will be another run with the fair amount of positive feedback. This is the amp that the headphone world needs. I just wish it didnt feel so unobtainium. I guess thats what you get when EC has always been about the craft and fine art. Not mass production and glitz.
Just wondering, why was this thread started in the regular headphones forum and not Summit-fi? Is it about accessibility? I don't mind this at all but if the HD800 is in Summit-fi what makes the Ether Flows less "summity" when they both cost more and may even sound better? I know the headphones forums gets more views so maybe it's about reaching out to people.. Not just people with big wallets. Totally understand that move if that is the case. I just don't want to feel...
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