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V-modas are good. They are along the bass oriented side along with the Boses. I have listened to the m-80's and they seem to put out a lot of bass clearly when you want them to. If the m-100's are any like the m-80's they should be very good for your musical taste. 
When you stress over what headphones to buy more than your upcoming finals...
Can't really go wrong with the Audio Technica ath m50. I just was just in the same situation as you and ordered a pair for $140 off Amazon.They are closed and tend to have a very balanced sound. Good bass, mids and highs.  
Yeah, after further research the ath m50 seemed to meet all of my needs. Just pulled the gun about two hours ago and am gonna get them friday. Hoping these will be quite a bit better than my old 429's!
Sure thing. I will search more on the benefits of the open backed design. Thanks for all of the help! I can't wait to hear my music through some high quality phones though
Yeah, I was looking at the k127mk2 too. The problem with the semi open design is that I may possibly use these in a car and would not like a lot of sound leakage. I also like the option of interchangeable ear pads and cables. 
Thanks for the reply! I have heard in some reviews of the treble in the moda's to be dampened by the bass. Also that they don't have a stable sound throughout the genres. If I could get the same amount of bass out of the AKG's with better mids and highs it sounds like that would be the better option. 
Hello guys, first post so hope you don't mind if I make any errors and mods feel free to fix them. My question is, I have a budget of around $100. I have narrowed the selection I am looking at to AKG and V-Moda. I listen to mainly Metal, rock and rap. I do like an enriched bass sound but still love the sound of crisp mids and highs. I will be driving these with a Mitsubishi M-VR 600 amp. Will either of these headphones be able to handle this type of power? Also, what...
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