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The MDR-V6 is B-O-R-I-N-G!No sub-bass and weak midbass !
If anyone is interested, I am starting a modding buisness and can take anyone with modding experience PM me!
Mkay ... JK
Yes, and when paired with a Cmoy, these things shine!
2nd place goes to hoppenma! Congrats Ahahaha
14 here , and probably have the most gear any 14yr old has ever had ahaha
Yes indeed! If you are interested, me and a friend will be starting a buisness this summer which involves modding cheap cans and selling them.Easy, fun and great money!Anyone PM if you are interested!And PM lazbro123 if you want. Because he is going to be apart of this too!If you know how to design a website then I beg you to join us
Liked And Shared I would love to win!
I have heard that they are a little bassier and a little less "warm" .Not worth it.Get the SE215s for 99! They may be one of the best sub-100 Iems !
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