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I've got MusicBee running on my Windows 8.1 for playing/management while I use foobar to add Replaygain, and I love it, especially since I can do some toying around and end up with a UI similar to that of ITunes.  As for Linux, I've got Banshee running, but I'll take any better suggestions if you have them.
Right now, I believe I am running f8785c8-140615, and all signs are showing that it appears to be stable with a total battery life of...  I estimate 32 hours.  Windows 8.1 is giving me no issues with reading it,either, so that's a good thing.  Is there a better build (such as skamp's daily builds) that I should switch to in order to optomize performance?
Hello Head-Fi,   I'm doing some research for a friend of mine who wants to get a good smartphone for audio through the 3.5 mm jack.  I've already checked threads and the consensus seems to be between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2.  Of course, one then had to despair at the lack of a Z2 release in America.  However, after some digging through Google, I've been seeing rumors of the Xperia Z2 releasing for Verizon as an LTE-A phone under the following...
I almost blinked when I saw the emCore installation page, but I just double-checked the Rockbox forums, and going by what I'm reading here, after installing emCORE, we can finally use Rockbox Utility.,48003.0.html   Found out here:
...Geez, this thread loves to go to hell in a hand basket while I'm gone.   Well, January was certainly an interesting month.  My desktop decided to potato on me by giving me some really odd error involving a system file (don't ask me to remember which one).  In the end, I backed up what I needed to, and I took the plunge and decided to try out Windows 8.1.  I have to admit, I was skeptic of how it would perform, but it seems I will be eating crow, as slapping Classic...
 Yeah... I'd love to get the Alpha Dogs, but $600 is way out of reach for now.
Hmm...  I'd say at the most, I can spend $135.
Say, as someone who is likely about to buy the Mad Dogs (unless I go with the M100 or Spirit Pros), I need a really good portable amp on the cheap.  I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about a DAC, since I'm mainly using my iPod Classic, and I've heard MANY good things about the Wolfson DAC in the 160 GB model.  However, I don't exactly have the money to justify the more expensive FiiO offerings.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
Yes, I would prefer closed headphones, as I plan to use them wherever I go.  And the A2000X is WAY out of my budget.  $300 is a strict limit.
Well damn, I haven't been around in a long while, have I?  It's good to be back.   As for computer-related things I've been working on recently, I got a ASUS laptop for Christmas.  Really dirt cheap budget ($300 on Cyber Monday), but considering I'll hardly use it for gaming, appropriate.  It came with Windows 8.1 Pro, and I initially switched back to Windows 7, but damn, Windows 8.1 Pro runs beautifully similar if you install Classic Shell.  However, perhaps the...
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