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OK, so I'm going to return the SMSL SA-60 to Amazon and see what happens with it.  In the meantime, while I'm wait for my Modi 2 to ship and to get the Amazon credit from the return, would you have any recommendations on a decent TPA3116-based amp or, if needed to stay within $80, easy enough DIY kit for it?  Or anything within the $80 price range that outperforms the TPA3116 amps?   I should mention that I am willing to do DIY, as long as it doesn't involve soldering,...
Using the phone is a good idea there.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll see what happens.
OK, so after eliminating the subwoofer from the output chain and switching the sides of the wires, it appears that I can eliminate anything past the amplifier as the issue.  That leaves the actual amp, the RCA to 3.5 mm cable, and Windows.  I'm still getting electric noise from both speakers, though, so I'm doubting it's the amp, or else I wouldn't get any noise at all from a speaker instead of both.
OK, so an update;   Right now, I've got all of my components except for the DAC.  For those just joining the thread, that would be as follows;   - pair of Infinity Primus P163 passive speakers - Dayton Audio SUB-1000 subwoofer - SMSL SA-60 amp   So, now here's the thing; I have everything plugged in (3.5 mm to RCA from computer to amp, speaker wire from amp to subwoofer high level input, and speaker wire from the subwoofer high level output to the speakers...
 ...I wonder how much of this exactly is due to the trappings of a TV budget versus a movie budget.  Still a shame, though, especially when you consider the detailing in Disappearance. Think about how I feel when I notice that almost no one, no matter how popular Nanoha, Nanoha A's, and Strikers are, is giving any indication to follow Nanoha Vivid.  DX  Yes, it is a LOT of inexplicably young girls that likely will have some fanservice in some way or another, but Nanoha was...
TOSHINOU KYOUKO! Also, ya me, Vivid is finally coming!  Please don't mess Nanoha up, 1 Arcs.
OK, quick update.  Due to circumstances, my budget is now looking at about $130 including S&H.  I've been looking so far at the various Topping amps(TP-31, TP-22,TP-30 MK II, VX-1), with the amp/DACs making things confusing for me to figure out.  So, if someone can help me figure out the best amp I can get, since I really don't need the optical out and I'm starting to run into DAC/amp hybrids, that would be very helpful.  You can also assume that in general getting an AVR...
Personally, I'd prefer to stay off Craigslist, if only that I don't trust the site too much. Also, I'don't prefer new over used.So, outside of that, what amp would you recommend?
OK, so I did some canvassing of the situation, and while I don'the have access to anew old receiver, I've got a $100 budget for an amp, with maybe $10 of wiggle room. While I don'the need anything specific, optical in would be VERY nice, since I do have an optical out on my computer, as well as the cable. And tonally, I preFer my sound warm.
I thought you had to burn in passive speakers to make them sound right?  Or is pretty much every reviewer over-doing the emphasis?
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