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I've been using the alo rx mk2 with them and they did improve the bass and they feel more "open" i guess you can say.  Might have went overkill for m50's but bought it for later upgrades.  I have heard the c&c works good for the m50's (not personal experience just through a thread) and as may point out the use of a fiio  e11 or e17 do just fine (again through posts, no personal experience)
I keep getting a "Play Error!" while listening.  I think it's probably because of file formats but just seeing if anyone else has this happen
    I'm being more commical than anything.  More than likely going to buy it or the m8 when i get a chance to listen to them both
Looking forward to these.  I want to buy the 2.2's but if this is around the corner i'd rather have a great closed back headphone
looks really cool and would be perfect but           Although these guys do produce some great products
    Okay, I will bring that then 
I'll be bringing   HE-400 if they ever come in... ordered the 8th and some shipping difficulties  ALO Audio Rx II ATH-M50 colorfly c3 i can bring Magni and Modi if anyone wants
Oh alright, i didn't know this was going to be released with the m8.  Didn't think to look through that thread thanks
Just decided to look and saw that they're offering the LX version of the unreleased HiHi-M8.  Saw a forum post ( saying that        There was not a lot of information out on the web about it from a quick google search.  Just curious if anyone else knew anything about it.  Is it just a portable dac/amp but has less compatibility with phones and tablets or...
Still new but I will be there.  I'll have some more gear by then 
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